is Revolutionizing Real Estate News.

What is is an interactive media and networking platform, delivering real estate news to an extended, socially engaged audience.

What News is on

Major real estate transactions, high-profile property listings, celebrity showings, new property developments, executive moves, market updates, relevant government news and public affairs.

What Regions does BrokerPulse Cover?

Primarily, BP focuses on Greater New York’s real estate news coverage. However, there is also national and global news coverage to a certain extent.

Who is Reading BrokerPulse?

Real Estate Professionals:

Brokerage Firms /Brokers / Agents

Developers / Contractors / Construction Companies

Marketers / Publicists

Property Management Companies

Mortgage Professionals / Banks

Title Insurance Companies

Property Appraisers

Technology Companies

Real Estate Consumers and Mainstream Audiences:

Buyers / Sellers / Investors / Renters

Window Shoppers / Individuals Interested in Real Estate

Real Estate Media:

Newspapers, Magazines, Blogs

How are Real Estate Professionals Benefiting from BrokerPulse?

They are uploading their news directly onto and linking into its extensive social network to connect with a targeted audience.

By networking with prospective clients and industry peers on BrokerPulse’s interactive media platform, users are engaging in experiences that are resulting in increased business connections and transactions.

How is the Real Estate Media Benefitting from BrokerPulse?

By posting their news on the media is further optimizing their content via BrokerPulse’s extensive and targeted social network.

The media is also receiving story leads as they are uploaded directly from real estate professionals on, cutting down on intermediaries and lead times.

How is BrokerPulse Revolutionizing Real Estate News?

By providing a platform for uploading news that is leveraged by the power of social networking, BrokerPulse is bridging the gaps between the media, real estate professionals, and consumers. As a result, it is transforming the way the industry’s news is being distributed.

Essentially, is accelerating real estate’s news reporting process, and sparking conversations about these stories in real time via social media.

When is BrokerPulse Reporting Real Estate News?

Typically, BrokerPulse publishes news stories during standard business hours from Monday through Friday.

Why is BrokerPulse Providing an Interactive Media Platform?

BrokerPulse recognizes the value in leveraging the power of social networks for real estate professionals and media alike. By providing an interactive media platform to directly report news and engage with audiences in real time, is creating a market opportunity for the real estate industry to capitalize on the limitless potential of today’s digital media resources.