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What is BrokerPulse?

BrokerPulse.com is an interactive media and networking platform, delivering real estate news to an extended, socially engaged audience. Your first experience with BrokerPulse.com probably viewing a story someone had contributed, or you found our Front Page. We are a news utility — an internet platform that enables the hosting and distribution of Real Estate news in NYC. With BrokerPulse.com, you don’t need a web site, blog, or anything, just submit your story at the top of brokerpulse.com. It will get out through all the major search engines.

Think for a moment where NYC mainstream media gets their news…from press releases, from events and other specialized sources. Many times, these sources are also publicly available — for example from press releases, and real estate individuals with access and knowledge of newsworthy events. Yes, real estate journalists do investigative work to look at the facts, ask important questions and usually try to get both sides of each story, but sadly, this is becoming less frequent as the advertising revenue sources for real estate newspapers, magazines and broadcast media have dwindled. It turns out that most stories are are actually given to them by real estate industry professionals who want to get the news out. At BrokerPulse we thought to ourselves, why not create a way for the Real Estate Brokers with the news, the sources, to get it out to one of the most exiting cities in the world without the middleman screening out all the good bits?

BrokerPulse had also noticed the way Real Estate technology was changing the way City Brokers got their news. Newspapers get lots of nasty black newsprint all over your hands and when compared with the internet, it’s so yesterday. There isn’t a story in a newspaper that wasn’t on the internet 12 hours before. While real time, cable TV is an endless parade of ads and foolish pundits that sound like an echo chamber for their ideologies. Only the internet and mobile phone revolution will enable People Powered News and let brokers see the whole truth, unfiltered. That’s our goal.

Major real estate transactions, high-profile property listings, celebrity showings, new property developments, executive moves, market updates, relevant government news and public affairs.

Primarily, BP focuses on Greater New York’s real estate news coverage. However, there is also national and global news coverage to a certain extent.

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They are uploading their news directly onto BrokerPulse.com and linking into its extensive social network to connect with a targeted audience.

By networking with prospective clients and industry peers on BrokerPulse’s interactive media platform, users are engaging in experiences that are resulting in increased business connections and transactions.

By posting their news on BrokerPulse.com the media is further optimizing their content via BrokerPulse’s extensive and targeted social network.

The media is also receiving story leads as they are uploaded directly from real estate professionals on BrokerPulse.com, cutting down on intermediaries and lead times.

By providing a platform for uploading news that is leveraged by the power of social networking, BrokerPulse is bridging the gaps between the media, real estate professionals, and consumers. As a result, it is transforming the way the industry’s news is being distributed.

Essentially, BrokerPulse.com is accelerating real estate’s news reporting process, and sparking conversations about these stories in real time via social media.

Typically, BrokerPulse publishes news stories during standard business hours from Monday through Friday.

BrokerPulse recognizes the value in leveraging the power of social networks for real estate professionals and media alike. By providing an interactive media platform to directly report news and engage with audiences in real time, BrokerPulse.com is creating a market opportunity for the real estate industry to capitalize on the limitless potential of today’s digital media resources.


    David Ramos

    David Ramos is the Chief Marketing Officer at BLU Realty Group. When he joined the BLU Realty Group team, David brought an impressive resume and a great deal of experience within the industry to the table. Prior to coming on as the company’s CMO, he worked in executive positions with Facebook, Saatchi and at Hilton Worldwide. He also has certifications from Six Sigma and a certification in project management from Villanova University. Before his extensive career in the marketing world, the bilingual Ramos received his MBA from NYU. It was during this time that David Ramos developed a true understanding for marketing, web development, and brand identity tactics. He has used this experience and his knowledge of the industry to lead BLU Realty Group’s latest rebranding effort.

    During his long and successful career, David Ramos has also developed an unwavering passion for serial startups and for putting technology into the hands of millions. This passion and eye for innovation can be seen with every fresh new perspective he brings to the table at BLU Realty Group. As this New York luxury real estate company looks towards the future and towards establishing their new identity within the market, their CMO, David Ramos, stands behind the organization, pushing the team and their vision for innovation forward to exceed your expectations.

    Lisa Prado

    Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of BrokerPulse.com, Lisa Prado is a digital media entrepreneur that is bridging the gap that currently exists between the real estate industry and new media – more specifically pertaining to online magazines, social media and technology.

    With over 10 years of media experience, from working in marketing at Condé Nast Publication’s Glamour Magazine to handling public relations for the highly publicized New York City-based realty firm, NestSeekers International, along with independently representing several power brokers in a PR and social media capacity, Prado brings a dynamic understanding of what realtors truly need to successfully leverage the power of new media in today’s highly competitive and ever-evolving marketplace.

    Recognizing the significant impact of online marketing and social media on the real estate market over the years, and its lack of an integrated platform where realtors can fully optimize these tools, Lisa Prado partnered with well-renowned tech and social media expert, David Ramos in October 2011 to create what is arguably the fastest growing digital media and networking platform in New York City’s real estate market – BrokerPulse.com – where Ramos operates as CEO and Prado, Editor-in-Chief.

    Shortly after launching in January 2012, BrokerPulse.com quickly became one of the city’s leading websites for real estate professionals – offering industry news updates and unique networking capabilities. Appearing among the top 10 sites on Google search rankings for NYC real estate news – reaching an audience of over 120,000 unique visitors monthly and 35,000 followers across key social sites daily – BrokerPulse is clearly accomplishing its mission to provide a digital platform for New York City realtors to “Connect. Engage. Grow.” by leveraging the exponential power marketing potential of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media.

    Just getting started, BrokerPulse continues growing at a rapid pace in terms of audience traffic and social engagement. Going forward, NYC’s real estate market can expect to see some valuable resources that will soon be unveiled on the site. Having worked together at NestSeekers, where Ramos was Director of Marketing and Prado was Director of PR, the digital duo have always shared a strong collaborative synergy, which now reflects in BrokerPulse’s talented team of writers and new media specialists.

    As experts in new media and real estate, Ramos and Prado have optimally merged their industry experience and knowledge to hone in on exactly what today’s realtors require to stay ahead of the competition – a go-to site for valuable information and social media engagement to connect with consumers and industry peers in a way that brings their business to the next level – BrokerPulse.com is meeting this growing need among real estate professionals.

    On a personal note, as a native New Yorker, Lisa Prado has a genuine love for Manhattan and is honored to be pioneering the digital media sector, aka the “Silicon Alley” of NYC’s real estate industry. Prior to working in media, Lisa graduated from the Pennsylvania University with a double major in marketing and international business. Fluent in Spanish, Prado also studied at La Universidad de Salamanca in Spain.