I. Dolly LenzAmericans abandoning New York, New Jersey, other high-tax states @DollyLenzRE @IDollyLenz https://t.co/lMlQ1JbO4i @jennyvlenz @FoxBusiness
I. Dolly LenzRT @LALATE: 📺 #LALATE 📺 WORLDEXCLUSIVE #RealHousewives of Melbourne Delayed due to Casting: LIVE ▶️▶️ https://t.co/ojrLvhSOYR "RHOM" #Real
I. Dolly LenzRT @brithume: She’s a big reason why FBN is now number one in business news. https://t.co/sJ1HXUcZwl
I. Dolly LenzRT @MagicJohnson: I’m sad to hear about the passing of one of the 50 greatest players in NBA history, John Havlicek. 13x All Star, 8x Champ…
I. Dolly LenzRT @Pataltschul: Fifth Avenue maisonette has ties to Sister Parish, 'Southern Charm' - https://t.co/efWohLs1gi #GoogleAlerts
I. Dolly LenzRT @AbodeDetroit: Updated Bagley colonial with stunning brick exterior asks $194,900 https://t.co/I0YdngJfz0
I. Dolly LenzRT @GovMikeHuckabee: Proud to see a positive and accurate portrayal of Fox colleague @MariaBartiromo who I think is the best on-air talent…
Jonathan MillerRecurring new urbanism aftermath story - rapid population growth, followed by transportation infrastructure breakdown, longer commutes in search of affordability: an excellent write up by Tom Acitelli of @CurbedBoston channeling his inner @Richard_Florida https://t.co/fFaYvkyFP8 https://t.co/NDFEvY1Bue
Jonathan MillerRT @Richard_Florida: Only the top Only 2.5% of all income earners in Canada can afford the media price of a house in Vancouver $1.4 mil, an…
Jonathan MillerSales are down as sellers and buyers recalibrate value - Ouch! New tax code hit Wall Street where it hurts: Hamptons home prices per @DouglasElliman report via @KK_Howley @HousingWire https://t.co/LdXsR8vt4M https://t.co/8o0nvQ9d3r
Jonathan MillerWith tax season behind them, perhaps less uncertainty ahead - Hamptons, N.Y., Sees Downturn in First Quarter Home Sales per @DouglasElliman report via @BeckieStrum @MansionGlobal https://t.co/1Dgtr7ga5m https://t.co/cP5gTf2c6T
Jonathan MillerLong Island fights tax law gravity while the east end doesn't - @DouglasElliman Report: LI home sales edge down as prices rise via @kschach @Newsday https://t.co/Bsos5Cdoim https://t.co/I5X4XJU7jK
Ryan SerhantWho watches my vlog? Comment "YESSS" below if you do 👇 __ TBT to last week when we sold a townhouse on West 18th Street for just under $13M to a buyer we found through YOUTUBE. Yep. Crazy. EXTRA TBT to when I actually started my YouTube channel 13 months ago. https://t.co/jo0brqXLWQ
Jonathan MillerRT @Jake_Vig: Never thought "living the dream" would involve so much ibuprofen.
Jonathan MillerYeah Motrin dependency goes with the territory (the dream). https://t.co/PYq8HYo3Vf
Jonathan MillerBuyers and sellers are recalibrating what value actually is - Home sales in the Hamptons just slumped to the lowest level in 7 years per @DouglasElliman report via @MktsInsider @ginaheeb https://t.co/A6FoxD0Wnd https://t.co/aXRoUGs7eN
Jonathan MillerAffordability is trying to catch up with pricing - La La Land’s Housing Market Comes Back Down to Earth per @DouglasElliman via @BeckieStrum @MansionGlobal https://t.co/sDMCU3uHif https://t.co/YjTAU7lEme
Jonathan MillerSellers remain anchored to another time - Unsold Luxury Homes Are Piling Up in the #Hamptons per @DouglasElliman report via @misyrlena @business https://t.co/IlqeOFP7rz https://t.co/WJedoPqgRn
Jonathan MillerTalking taxes in front of a tie store - New tax laws take a toll on home sales in Connecticut per @DouglasElliman report via @DianaOlick @CNBC https://t.co/oNpxRglRHX cc @JenniferKLeahy https://t.co/TRZ4s9A2m6
I. Dolly LenzAmazing #BRAVA - Maria Bartiromo’s Stock Has Risen at Fox Business Network and Fox News - Los Angeles Times @MariaBartiromo💥 @FoxBusiness @foxnews @MorningsMaria 👏👏 @jennyvlenz @IDollyLenz @DollyLenzRE https://t.co/NvFwfMspla


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