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I. Dolly LenzRT @bgraulau: Almost 800k are still without power in Puerto Rico on day 6 after hurricane Fiona. Last night, Luma reported that more than…
I. Dolly LenzRT @MrsVickiDay: @Christophechoo Seriously this is always happening to @IDollyLenz It must be so tiresome and why do this, what do they ga…
I. Dolly LenzRT @Christophechoo: @MrsVickiDay @IDollyLenz From what I know they use these fake profiles to scam people.
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Diane M. RamirezGathering at our flagship office for an informative lunch followed by a property tour with great Agents & Leaders from Greenwich, Larchmont and Scarsdale. Lots of referrals to follow! @bhhsnewyork @BHHSRealEstate https://t.co/RhdKSkpQrp
Douglas EllimanTrendy Triplex Penthouse 💫 Located in the #EastVillage, this contemporary penthouse triplex sits inside the townhouse-style residences at the luxurious One One Eight condominium. It is listed for $5.855M by #AllisonChalfin at #DouglasElliman. https://t.co/IV47li0CBW
Jonathan Miller"From February forward, rents began reaching a territory they had never before seen." Median Manhattan rents hit a plateau in August per our @douglaselliman report via @zacharykussin @nypost https://t.co/wtf2fT90rb https://t.co/2BTvgmIDrU
I. Dolly LenzRT @SlenderSherbet: *wife from the next room* "I hope you haven't spent all your months wages on something expensive and unnecessary again"…
I. Dolly LenzRT @MonaSigal: Please share!!
I. Dolly LenzRT @KendallCRE: I worked with all of the greats BITD. She turned 88 this week and still stunning @ArtsandClouds @spacechelle @SoPurpleTh…
I. Dolly LenzRT @4Awesometweet: “CNBC Pundit” on the lam after running scam fund Wow 😉 @CNBC
I. Dolly LenzHercules CEO, @CNBC Pundit 'In Hiding' Amid Securities Fraud Charges https://t.co/UCmHJZa2XT
Jonathan MillerI think he spends as much time on his real estate transactions as he does on fashion. https://t.co/IcGFyczEZ5
Dottie Herman#TBT It is hard to believe that it has been just over 6 years since I was on the Forbes cover with 8 other fabulously successful women in business! It was truely an honor that I will never forget! https://t.co/LjVsEdyH88
Jonathan Miller"comparisons against a year ago are going to overstate the decline" Hamptons Market Leans Normal, North Fork Continues Decline per our @douglaselliman report via @trdny @ConneryHarrison https://t.co/4jZU2g7jvn https://t.co/sZPcICt4rw
Jonathan MillerManhattan rents are showing signs of stabilization at high levels as concessions fell to the third-lowest level on record" What is happening with rents in NYC? per our @douglaselliman report via @BrickU @jenniferwkarp https://t.co/IbTN9yQ2ua https://t.co/P6HSczjZpi
Jonathan MillerSellers seem married to their low rates after refinancing during the pandemic era boom - Signed Contracts, New Listings for Homes Falls in New York City per our @douglaselliman report via @aSashaJones @trdny https://t.co/pF1oYCoZ6y https://t.co/bdWJXx7vFX
DLRERT @IDollyLenz: Luxury Real Estate Market Taking A Breather.... Good Insight @hermanity 👏 beautiful listing & client. @DollyLenzRE @jennyv
Jonathan MillerWe're at peak "wondering if we're at peak rent," and Manhattan rents might be peaking too per our @douglaselliman report - U.S. rents could finally be peaking @AxiosMarkets @EmilyRPeck https://t.co/kXhnSKN931 https://t.co/OAIjOUaVa6
I. Dolly LenzNEW Fraud Scam ALERT - Be Careful On Social Media! @DollyLenzRE https://t.co/NAGzXS2QHV
I. Dolly LenzLuxury Real Estate Market Taking A Breather.... Good Insight @hermanity 👏 beautiful listing & client. @DollyLenzRE @jennyvlenz @thomasjlesniak @WSJ #realestate #LenzOnLuxury https://t.co/UXEyy7VBUu
Jonathan Miller"Rising mortgage rates are sending would-be New York luxury buyers into the rental market" Luxury Rentals Outperforming Manhattan’s Mainstream Market via our @douglaselliman report via @MansionGlobal https://t.co/m3YvQfetG5 https://t.co/NXmQkGogrO
I. Dolly LenzRT @pechacek_amy: Most people's negotiation frameworks are based on the idea that the winner takes all. But what if there was a way to neg…
Jonathan MillerDon't "expect costs to drop significantly unless the labor market shifts" Manhattan Apartment Rents Plateau After Months of Record Highs @jeneps @business @Bloomberg https://t.co/8K1akmrryX #manhattan #brooklyn #queens #rentals #rental https://t.co/GfXJscjGz6
Jonathan MillerA recession is probably the only thing that can bring rents down significantly. https://t.co/I1F97m7dRU
I. Dolly LenzRT @JulieSchoerke: @IDollyLenz and @jennyvlenz thank you! Every time you speak, the real estate market, buyers and sellers listen. Catch…


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