We just launched BrokerPulse.com

We are extremely proud and happy to announce the launch of BrokerPulse.com

The idea behind BrokerPulse is simple. Think for a moment where NYC mainstream media gets their news…from press releases, from events and other specialized sources. Many times, these sources are also publicly available — for example from press releases, and real estate individuals with access and knowledge of newsworthy events. Yes, real estate journalists do investigative work to look at the facts, ask important questions and usually try to get both sides of each story, but sadly, this is becoming less frequent as the advertising revenue sources for real estate newspapers, magazines and broadcast media have dwindled. It turns out that most stories are are actually given to them by real estate industry professionals who want to get the news out. At BrokerPulse we thought to ourselves, why not create a way for the Real Estate Brokers with the news, the sources, to get it out to one of the most exiting cities in the world without the middleman screening out all the good bits?

BrokerPulse had also noticed the way Real Estate technology was changing the way City Brokers got their news. Newspapers get lots of nasty black newsprint all over your hands and when compared with the internet, it’s so yesterday. There isn’t a story in a newspaper that wasn’t on the internet 12 hours before. While real time, cable TV is an endless parade of ads and foolish pundits that sound like an echo chamber for their ideologies. Only the internet and mobile phone revolution will enable People Powered News and let brokers see the whole truth, unfiltered. That’s our goal.

Head over to the Upload News section and submit your news today!

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