Real Estate Window Shopping With A Personal Touch

Rapidly growing New York-based real estate empire, Rapid Realty ( is the first firm to feature LOH Vision, a high-tech touch screen, in the windows of their West Village office – located at Sixth Avenue and Washington Place. The wizard behind this digital curtain is the cutting edge real estate video marketing company, Live Open House (LOH.TV), which recently developed a beta-test of the innovative technology – LOH Vision Real Estate Window – that is literally transforming the apartment search process.

By offering an intelligent, interactive marketing platform for realtors to potentially connect with and engage every passerby on the street, LOH Vision is giving brokerage firms a golden opportunity to immediately capitalize on a highly targeted demographic that has yet to be successfully captured as of date. In an interview with Live Open House, CEO, Vernon Jones stated, “real estate companies need an automated ‘on the ground’ approach to promote their brand.”

Continuously pioneering the forefront real estate marketing, Rapid Realty strategically installed LOH Vision, seeing its potential for driving more traffic to its storefront, and ultimately, into its office – whether physically or virtually. Essentially, this new listing marketing technology is redefining the concept of “window shopping” for properties. As pedestrians walk by, the touch screens are catching their eyes, inviting them to view photos and videos of properties in the neighborhood, as well as get information about nearby shops, restaurants, and attractions.

Whether results are derived from a visitor’s experience or not, the information is still valuable, as it provides valuable insight into demographics and consumer behavior. With LOH Vision, all navigational data is recorded and reported, hence delivering a wealth of measurable marketing research. According to LOH’s CFO, Reale Rose, “the function of the LOH Vision Real Estate Window is to analyze and advertise, which delivers measurable results to the client’s bottom line”.

Known for being ahead of the curve when it comes real estate marketing, Rapid Realty recognizes the significant value of utilizing digital channels to connect with and engage customers throughout their apartment search process. The company’s CEO, Anthony Lolli affirms, “Rapid Realty actively engages customers and potential recruits alike through social media. Since going live in March, 2011, our Facebook page has received over one million visitors (”

By implementing LOH Vision, Rapid Realty is effectively leveraging digital technology to optimize online marketing and social media before the customer even steps foot in the office or conducts an apartment search on the Internet. Whenever customers inquire about properties on the touch screens versus researching online, they remain within the Rapid Realty domain instead of jumping around to competitor firm sites – which tends to be the case. Although this is limited to customers being physically present at the storefront window, every moment they are spending viewing listings is an opportunity to capture their business.

Optimizing the power of social media at every touch point, screen visitors can share Rapid Realty’s property listings via Facebook and Twitter, while creating visibility for the firm among their network of friends while navigating. Furthermore, they can check into Rapid Realty via Four Square. Altogether, this is a fully integrated marketing platform.

With over 90% of realtors utilizing social media, according to, Rapid Realty is clearly capitalizing on this market share with LOH Vision, by potentially tapping into the social network of every person walking by their window.

For more details, visit and LOH.TV

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