Website Exposing The Face Of Foreclosure To Bring Resolution

Across the nation, families are struggling to make payments on their mortgages, some are being faced with the daunting notion of foreclosure, and others have sadly resorted to unthinkable homeless conditions after being hit by the dire consequences of the housing crisis in the U.S. With all of this turmoil happening right in our backyard, we are finally seeing some public action towards resolution that does not come attached with a political agenda.

A coalition of consumer activists have launched a website to tell the stories of U.S homeowners who owe more on their homes than they are worth. The new site aims at putting real faces on the problem of so-called “underwater” homeowners to show that they are more than just a statistic, and hopefully bring change to their situation.

“The opposition — Wall Street banks, lenders and the politicians who work on their behalf instead of ours —are working hard to paint a different picture. They’d like us to believe that this crisis is hitting only a few selfish people who tried to game the system and ran out of luck,” Natalie Foster, executive director of the San Francisco-based group called Rubuild the Dream, wrote in a press release explaining what the new website is about.

Foster said Rebuild the Dream has joined with two other organizations, New Bottom Line and National People’s Action, to create the website called “America Underwater” in an effort to get relief for homeowners, such as principal reductions on their mortgages. “If you yourself are a homeowner who is underwater on his or her mortgage send us your photo and story to post on the blog,” Foster wrote. The site is [Press Enterprise]

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