Commercial Real Estate Professionals Seeing a Rise in Twitter Use

(New York) — A recent poll among real estate agents all around the country has revealed some interesting statistics regarding commercial real estate professionals and their social media habits. The results revealed there has been a rather unexpected rise in the use of Twitter among commercial real estate professionals in the industry.

Commercial Real Estate Professionals Seeing a Rise in Twitter Use
Commercial Real Estate Professionals Seeing a Rise in Twitter Use

While many are fully embracing the trend, there are others who are still more apprehensive about jumping on the Twitter bandwagon. However, as Twitter is starting to become one of the most significant forms of modern public communication, many real estate professionals are finding it necessary to seek out ways they can use the platform to their advantage.

Commercial real estate professionals in big industries like New York have been using Twitter to instantly facilitate communication among partners, associates and prospective clients and found that this social media platform is an easy way to get the word out about events or projects in the fast paced New York market. Many real estate pros around New York have even found that Twitter can be essential when creating buzz for a promotional event. With so much going on in the city, using a platform that can be instantly updated and that can instantly reach consumers on their phones and computers, is an important tool to have.

Panel Real Estate Share | Credit:Globe St.
Panel Real Estate Share | Credit:Globe St.

Recently, the RealShare Real Estate 2012 conference used Twitter in this very way; to create a buzz. They used the site to start an online dialogue about the event, attendees tweeted live recounts from the event, and reports, videos, and insight from reporters were also sent out live via Twitter. The event was covered by reporters in an entirely instant, modern and interactive way.

One of the most important things those using Twitter are doing is generating online traffic. The thing that separates using Twitter to drive online traffic from other methods is that tweets are sent out in real time. Commercial real estate professionals in the hotel and hospitality end can use the live tweets to alert the public of limited time specials; tweets can be used for developers to build public support for a projects. Tweets can be used to help announce press releases, help build a company’s brand and reputation and more.

There seems to be no end to the ways that savvy individuals in the commercial real estate business are able to use Twitter to their advantage. As Twitter adds more users everyday, it is only a matter of time before more of those in the commercial real estate industry joins in full-force as well. While avid commercial real estate tweeters have already seen the benefit of this platform and the effects it can have, there is still more to be seen in how Twitter can continue to gain a presence in this industry.

First Published: GLOBE ST.

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