Billionaire Developer Plans to Create a New Heart of New York City

(New York City) — Billionaire Stephen Ross recently took a stroll through the present day Hudson Yards area, with Forbes’ staff member Morgan Brennan.

While walking through the upcoming-construction site, an area that is still currently filled with trains, Ross discussed his upcoming plans to transform the area and all of New York City.Ross intends to create a new center of New York City as he plans to take current Hudson Yards, build platforms over where the trains lie and construct the first phase of his project; a 6.5 million square foot development. The development will include offices, a hotel, over a million square feet of retail, condos, a city park and more. The project, which is schedules to begin in late summer of 2012, is set to have phase one completed in 2016 at which time, phase two, an addition 6.5 million square foot area, will begin construction. Ross takes the time in this recent interview for the 2012 Forbes Billionaire’s List to discuss the project, its impact on the city and why he expects it to be New York’s next Rockefeller Center.

Published First: FORBES

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