Facebook’s Acquisition of Instagram and How Real Estate Pros are Using The New Service

10:27:29 | 2012-04-11

(New York) — This quarter, Facebook will close a deal to completely acquire the mobile photo sharing application Instagram.  Although the photo sharing site was once seen as a budding rival to Facebook’s undeniable popularity, the social media giant has made a $1 billion cash and stock offer to acquire the mobile photo sharing service.

This is a new approach for Facebook, who normally doesn’t like to acquire companies that will remain independent of the Facebook name. The photo sharing services will be tied to Facebook, but Instagram will still remain independently branded. This speaks highly of the previous success of Instagram, which already had 27 million registered users on iOS alone before it joined forces with Facebook. The new partnership is expected to help Instagram grow and expand even more as it becomes part of the Facebook family.

From Zero to $1 Billion in 17 Months-Real Estate Instragram
From Zero to $1 Billion in 17 Months | Credit: Meredith, TheStreet.com

Although the application was designed to help people socially connect over the photographs they took, Instagram has been portraying an even wider appeal outside of the social sphere. Businesses are beginning to see the appeal of this social media service, much like they did with Twitter and Facebook when they first became popular.

One group that has been using Instagram and is sure to continue to use Instagram after its Facebook partnership is underway, are busy real estate professionals. This is because Instagram allows real estate agents to share their photos on Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts right from their phone.

This means that any broker can show off a new listing, invite people to an event or anything in between, and they can easily do so right from their phone. When working in some of the larger, fast paced real estate markets, such as the New York market, many agents find themselves constantly on the go. Being able to share important photos of listings while away from the office is a necessity to many pros who want to stay caught up with the rapidly changing market and ahead of their competition.

It is no secret that social media has been and continues to be an important tool for anyone looking to stay connected in today’s competitive real estate market. Instagram is simply another important tool that any real estate pro should have in their arsenal. The idea of sharing and tagging photos has always been a large part of Facebook’s basic services. However, with their new partnership the expected growth of Instagram and its services, the process of tagging and sharing these photos is in position to only grow from here. This means quicker, and easier photo sharing and tagging services for any agent who wants to keep up with the rapidly changing market.

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