Famous Residential buildings of Central Park West

12:27:38 | 2012-04-17

Manhattan (UWS) — If you are not a New Yorker you may not realize that there are several apartment buildings in Central Park West that are home to famous celebrity residents.

The Upper West Side encompasses the areas between Central Park and the Hudson River, beginning at 59th street and ending around 110th street. This upscale, primarily residential area has become home to many of New York City’s artistic workers, including Broadway stars, actors, musicians, producers as well as real estate mogul Donald Trump.

The Dakota Building Where John Lennon Lived | Flickr, AngelaG1
The San Remo Apartments, Central Park West New York City | Flickr: Infinite Jeff

One of the most famous buildings in the area is The Dakota, located at the northwest corner of 72nd street and Central Park West. Started in 1880, the co-operative apartment building was completed in October of 1884. Though home to many celebrity residents, the building is most notably remembered for the murder of John Lennon, famed Beatle member who was shot to death in front of the building. In addition to this tragedy, the building has made many famous appearances such as the exterior shots of the building where the famed movie Rosemary’s Baby was shot. The building was titled The Bramford for movie purposes. Even in literature the Dakota has made its way, being a significant element in the novel Time and Again written by Jack Finney. Aside from these mentions, the Dakota was home to famed actresses such as Judy Garland and Lauren Bacall. But like the mix of people that New York City is known for, people beyond actors called the Dakota home such as author Harlen Coben, newscaster Connie Chung, singer Roberta Flack and comedian Gilda Radner.

The San Remo, located between 74th and 75th street and Central Park West and only three blocks north of the Dakota,  is a luxury co-operative building that also boasts a roster of star residents. The building has been noted for its spectacular views of Central Park. Unlike other buildings on the other side of the Central Park, the building has a reputation for being quite open with its admission standards. Besides famous Hollywood celebs such as Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, Dustin Hoffman and Steven Spielberg, the San Remo counts golf star Tiger Woods as one of its past residents. Though residents in the past have included musicians such as Bono and Billy Squirer, the building once housed natural gas heiress Adelaide de Menil of Texas. Even Steve Jobs of Apple Fame had a part of the San Remo in an apartment that he bought, renovated, never lived in and then sold to musician Bono. The San Remo is known for its eye catching twin towers that are said to have inspired many copycats over the years.

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