A Look Inside Reality Show Real Estate

12:03:07 | 2012-04-23

(New York) — There is no avoiding the fact that reality television has quickly taken over modern day media and has been slowly creeping into many other areas of society. Modern reality shows aren’t just social experiments monitoring the interactions of young 20 somethings like the “Real World” once did. The latest reality shows are exploring the lives of many work professionals in today’s modern society; including New York real estate brokers.

HGTV, Selling New York | Credit: Exec Digital

With shows like “Selling New York” and “Million Dollar Listing” the world of the New York luxury real estate market has been taken from the streets of New York, to television sets around the country. These shows follow big personality real estate agents as they publicize the high end lifestyles of the nation’s wealthiest and buy and sell multi-million dollar New York gems.

While the reality shows are still built for entertainment and still feature some drama-filled over-the-top characters, the real estate on these shows has really taken center stage. Now viewers all across the country can get an inside look at some of the nation’s most sought after pieces of real estate right from their living rooms. Above all things, these programs are giving more people an insight to this very exclusive market that many never knew existed.

Whether the properties featured on this program have a better chance of selling or not is yet to be seen. Either way, these reality shows are placing a lens up to New York real estate and to the agents who sell some of the top properties in the area. If anything, the program is allowing the agents of the show to gain more recognition. While the core of the program may lie in educating America on the high-stakes New York real estate market, the programs must have audiences wondering if the stakes are so high that these reality shows have become a new marketing initiative for agents.

No matter what viewers take from the show, one thing is for certain; whether reality show viewers want to but the properties listed or not, the luxury New York real estate market is getting more exposure than ever from these shows.

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