The Rise of the Virtual Office in Queens, New York

10:01:47 | 2012-04-27

(New York) — In the past few years, virtual office services have become increasingly popular in Queens, New York. The virtual offices are now available at the Executive Office Center in Fresh Meadows and their presence is having a significant impact on the office space marketplace in New York.

Flickr / Executive Office Group

In fact, virtual offices are becoming so popular that they are being seen as a favored alternative to traditional office spaces in Queens. The Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows is one example of this. The space opened in 2011 and the building already has over a hundred tenants and virtual tenants. The way the office works is simple; companies pay a monthly rent that will cover their expenses like phone and internet costs, cleaning, lobby reception, utilities and phone answering services. Companies can use the space full time, part time, occasionally or be entirely virtual. Rental costs start as low as $39/month.

The virtual office business model is growing so rapidly because it is a cost-effective solution to traditional office spaces, and with today’s technologies, an easy solution to put into motion. While there are a few different types of companies that are utilizing the virtual office model and running their virtual platform out of the Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows, the primary occupants are attorneys. Attorneys are seen as ideal candidates for these office spaces as they don’t need a full time office space like other businesses may. The attorneys using this model can work in their own areas and use the Executive Office Center as a location to meet with the occasional client.

With the Executive Office Center is slowly changing the office space market is Queens, the idea is not a new one in New York. In fact, when compared to Manhattan, Queens is a latecomer to the idea of the virtual office. However, due to the amount of small businesses in Queens, the model is expected to pick up and begin transforming the current commercial rental market in the area.


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