Top Manhattan Broker’s Key to Success: Discretion

(New York, NY) — As New York City’s real estate market becomes flooded with “reality” TV stars and publicity-driven brokers who unabashedly put their clients on display for the world to see in the spirit of self-promotion, what is a buyer or seller who is looking actually to maintain their privacy to do?

The truth of the matter is that all real estate deals in New York City are listed on public record. However, beyond the standard transaction details, such as names, the date, address, and sales price, nothing else is required to be disclosed.

Wendy Jackson, SVP, International Sales | Credit: Nest Seekers International

To get the low down on exactly how high-profile clients are protecting their names in the midst of NYC real estate’s recent media mayhem, BrokerPulse sought out one of the market’s most discreet brokers, Wendy Jackson of Nest Seekers International’s Jackson-Lieblein Team. In fact, Ms. Jackson is so private that even getting this information was a feat in and of itself.

As a seasoned broker with decades of experience, Wendy Jackson has maintained a well-regarded reputation of privacy among her elite pool of ultra-affluent and prominent clientele from around the world. When asked how she has managed to build and maintain such a sought-after client list, she shares her rule of thumb in real estate, “Always put the client first.”

To further elaborate, Ms. Jackson states, “When helping your client to buy or sell a property, your job is to put their best interests at the forefront when it comes to everything.” Seemingly this would be the case in a perfect world. Unfortunately, we have been seeing more disclosure and less discretion in Manhattan’s real estate game lately, which is certainly not representative of the industry as a whole.

860 Park Avenue, New York, NY

Of course, whatever is being publicized is what is demonstrated to the public. The reality of the situation is that a broker who leverages a client’s status to endorse their “professional” grandeur is not making that client their number one priority. Naturally, such an agenda will always be apparent to everyone – the client and public included – regardless of how charming that broker or agent might be.

Over the years, by consistently adhering to her mantra of discretion, Wendy Jackson has still managed to build her name as one of Manhattan’s top brokers. Recently, she was featured as one of The Real Deal’s top residential agents of the week for closing an $11.48 million deal at 860 Park Avenue with her partner, Ben Lieblein. Coming in at the #2 spot, – just after real estate’s legendary broker, Dolly Lenz – it is quite evident that Ms. Jackson’s privacy policy is paying off.

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