A Look Inside One of New York’s Best Lobbies

18:46:43 | 2012-05-10

Ceilings as high as 30-feet create a soaring lobby at 220 Water Street.

(New York, NY) — At 220 Water St. in downtown New York, there lies a 135-unit loft rental that once housed an old courtyard that separated the property’s two buildings. The courtyard has since been renovated and in its place lies what is arguably the best lobby in all of New York City. The lobby area has breath-taking 30-foot ceilings, grey limestone floors and is a staggering 100 feet by 40 feet in size. The area features original brick and vaulted windows and a glass atrium ceiling that only adds to the grand and open illusion of the entry.

The lobby and its accompanying building were developed by GDC Properties and the expansive entry area was designed by Perkins Eastman. While the lobby’s aesthetics alone are enough to impress, it also boasts numerous amenities like water features, a coffee bar, a full-service concierge and a lounge area as well as free WiFi. It should be noted that while there is little that can match the beauty of this lobby, the building it serves as a host too is equally impressive.

The present-day apartment complex not only features industrial windows, high ceilings and distinct layouts that add to the loft-style charm, but a unique history as well. The building is actually two different structures that were built by the same company at two different times, resulting in a half concrete, half wood constructed property. The one-of-a-kind structure has not only left the lofts to be very structurally sound, but almost entirely sound proof as well; a great feature for apartment dwellers seeking some peace and quiet amidst the busy New York city streets.

Building developers have stated that they put a great deal of time and effort in creating a quality living place that residents won’t ever want to leave. This is what has spawned the design-conscious amenities such as the walk-in-closets and wide hallways. This is also the same notion that helped create the building’s unique lobby. From the moment current and potential residents walk into 220 Water St., they will be greeted by one of the most awe-inspiring lobbies in all of New York and the idea behind this meticulously designed space is to keep people coming back through the lobby doors time and time again.

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