Young Kushner Family Investor Bringing New Business to the Family Name

13:19:18 | 2012-05-18

The Prime Minister meets successful tech founders: Josh Kushner of Vostu, Dennis Crowley of Foursquare and Kevin Systrom of Instagram. They discussed London's Tech City, global expansion and inward investment.

(New York, NY) — As the son of one of the most successful New York real estate pros in history, Charles Kushner, 26 year-old Josh Kushner has grown up in his family’s real estate business. The business, which is currently being run by Josh’s older brother Jared, helped mold Josh Kushner from a very young age. His father most notably sold over $2 billion of New York apartment units in his career and he worked to pass his knack for the New York real estate market onto his youngest son. While other children were at baseball games and catching movies, Josh Kushner was at construction sites and looking at potential real estate investments in the city; constantly being exposed to the operations of the family business.

While Josh Kushner grew up inside one of the most successful real estate businesses in the city, he is not out making million dollar sales like his father; he is impacting the business in an entirely different new way. The young Harvard graduate has already used some of his family fortune to back some of today’s most successful startups. Even at a young age, he has his eyes set on more than real estate ventures. Josh Kushner is looking to invest in much more than that.

Billion dollar brains: Instagram founders Mike Krieger, left, and Kevin Systrom
Billion dollar brains: Instagram founders Mike Krieger, left, and Kevin Systrom

While his father and brother were making investments in buildings around the city, Joshua was investing in a social media company known as Instagram, the same photo sharing platform that was recently acquired by Facebook for $1 billion cash. The wildly popular social media site has already managed to make a name for itself and has expanded in a way that has actually helped numerous real estate agents in busy markets like New York, stay on top of their game. Yet Josh Kushner, one of the biggest investors in the company, planned to do much more with the site. He wasn’t just investing in Instagram; he was planning to use his savvy business skills to help build it into a massive social networking platform.

However, just because Kushner recently cashed in on Instagram’s Facebook sale, he isn’t done with his work in the company. The investor is constantly flying out to meet with Instagram creators to discuss new opportunities; something most investors never even think of doing. However, it is this dedication to the companies he invests in and his knack for not only investing in, but developing companies that has allowed Kushner to not only be part of one of New York’s most successful real estate families but to make a name for himself as one of the hottest and most successful young investors today.


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