Google Loans Cornell NYC Tech Office Space for Upcoming Expansion

2012-05-30 | 11:00:00

Mayor Bloomberg, Google Inc. CEO Larry Page and Cornell President David J. Skorton today announced that Google will allocate 22,000 square feet of its New York headquarters to CornellNYC Tech, while the university completes its campus on Roosevelt Island. May 21, 2012 (Photo Credit: Edward Reed)
(New York, NY) — Cornell NYC Tech is acquiring a coveted new piece of real estate to help with the school’s expansion and the new space is coming from a very unlikely source.

Search engine company, Google, will actually be donating some of the office space in their New York City headquarters to the school. The powerhouse company will be providing 22,000 feet of office space to Cornell NYC Tech at absolutely no cost to the university.

This ground-breaking deal accompanies Cornell’s successful bid to build their innovative new campus in New York. The university won out a competition against other major schools to build a tech campus right in New York City. Google will loan the space to the university until Cornell finishes their upcoming campus development initiative, which will give the school an entirely separate tech campus in the middle of Roosevelt Island.

The announcement regarding the space donation was made in a May press conference held at Google’s NYC headquarters by New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, and Google CEO Larry Page. The new Cornell NYC Tech campus being constructed on Roosevelt Island has been praised, by many, for being the first Applied Science campus in New York. The historical addition of the campus plays into New York’s standing as the fastest-growing tech hub in the United States.

Google is initiating the effort to help New York City continue to expand in the technology realm and to help develop local, quality tech talent right in NYC. The office space, which is estimated at a value of $10 million, will be given to the university for their own use at no cost for five and a half years. The space is expected to serve as the school’s temporary home up until the Roosevelt Island location has been completed.

Both parties have expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming venture. Google and their new Cornell guests have each expressed excitement about the potential collaboration between the two entities over the next five years. Google plans on starting the office compacting process right away so that the university can begin moving into its temporary home at Google within the next two months. The move will take place in time for Cornell to welcome in their first class of tech students in the fall of 2012.

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