Upcoming LDC Project to Rejuvenate Flushing Area

11:16:02 | 2012-06-06

(New York,NY) — New Yorkers familiar with the Downtown Flushing area in Queens can be expecting a great deal of change in the neighborhood in upcoming years. This is because the Flushing neighborhood is on the brink of a major transformation; one that will completely revolutionize the area and the entire New York real estate market.

The project is being spearheaded by a group known as LDC, or the Flushing Willets Point Corona Local Development Corporation. The group is one of many who feel as though Queens is having an increasing amount of importance in the entire estate’s real estate market success. This idea of transforming Queens and of redeveloping the Flushing neighborhood remain at the core of the corporation’s current initiatives.

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The development group discussed these goals along with their plans to revitalize the Flushing area at a cocktail reception the company in early May of this year. The reception, held at the Delta Sky360 Club at Citi Field featured several presentations as well as an address from the event’s distinguished guest, Michael Stoler, President of NY Real Estate TV and Managing Director at Madison Realty Capital. Stoler spoke to attendees about the importance of Queens in the current New York market. LDC followed the speech with a presentation on the current developments being done in Flushing which includes a 60 acre transformation along the Flushing waterfront.

The focus of the LDC is to engage and work with community stakeholders to help encourage revitalization in the Flushing area. Their current project is looking to rejuvenate and to link together two very unique neighborhoods, Downtown Flushing and Flushing, in an attempt to provide a new desirable and affordable area for New Yorkers to live. According to representatives from the LDC, their goals with this project are to help spread out congested areas in the city and to provide more opportunities for activity in open spaces of the western part of the area.

The upcoming project is looking to add affordable housing, easy access to city parks, an overall improvement of the environmental condition of the area and mass transit services. The corporation, along with this initiative, is being funded by the New York State Department of State Brownfield Opportunity Grant. Once completed, the new Flushing area is expected to fulfill its promise of creating new opportunities for New Yorkers and to drastically impact the current New York market.

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