Interactive Digital Displays Revolutionize Real Estate Marketing

10:22:54 | 2012-06-08

LOH Vision Realty Touch Screen Facebook Integration
(New York, NY) — Gone are the days of squinting, scrutinizing, and surveying the fine print lining realty storefronts, as LOH Vision provides the ultimate interactive experience for real estate buyers.

By melding touch screen hardware with intuitive software, the typical storefront window is transformed into a platform for potential clients to engage directly with the property of interest.

Clients are able to view photos, videos and agent profiles, utilize interactive maps, explore nearby attractions, and perform comprehensive property searches.

Moreover, the innovation transcends the typical “virtual open house” by allowing the client to connect with the company via social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Through the full suite of detailed analytic software, the broker is thus able to track and consolidate all client activity, making for a more astute sensibility of the market.

From Left: Reale Rose and Vernon Jones, Co-Creators LOH Vision

“The goal of the product is to organically maximize sales for brokerages by focusing on the hyper-local market,” says Vernon Jones, Co-Creator of LOH Vision.

In addition to the analytics, LOH Vision will increase consumer confidence and efficiency, which we believe leads to trust and long-term relationships, says Reale Rose, Co-Creator of LOH Vision.

Brokers and agents alike have taken to the technology, realizing its potential as the gateway to newer and more promising markets.

“Shane Neil, a West Village Rapid Realty Broker secured nine new commercial listings and over 22 walk-in clients during a 30 day beta-test process.

The product has already been pronounced as “taking it to another level,” with agents declaring, “The future has arrived!”


LOH Vision Realty Touch Screen Launches in NYC

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