Upper East Side: Still One of the Most Wanted Areas in New York

12:39:25 | 2012-06-19

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(New York, NY) — Despite the surge in popularity in many other neighborhoods in New York, recent sales reports have shown that the Upper East Side is still one of the most coveted areas in the entire city.

I nearly June, Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group, announced that their building at 515 East 72, has had sales over the $59 million mark in just 90 days.

Over the best three months, the condominium building, managed by the marketing group has produced some of the most impressive sales numbers in recent New York market history. The East 72nd building which is situated between the East River and York Avenue in the Upper East Side has a number of luxury residencies with price tags between $633,000 and $4.8 million.

The building has brought a great deal of life to the Upper East Side area and boasts a number of luxury amenities that are sure to keep this building as one of the most sought after in the city. The condominium complex aims to provide residents with a luxury living arrangement that rarely requires them to leave the building. These features include half-acre park at the center of the building. The sprawling green area is complete with an area for children to play as well as a yoga sanctuary.

The building also features a 56 foot-indoor pool as well as an open area for exercising and sun bathing. Those who wish to get their exercise indoors can visit the building’s state of the art fitness center complete with top-of-the-line equipment, squash and basketball courts, climbing wall, hot tub, Jacuzzi saunas and more. There is even a full service spa for residents who want to pamper themselves and recreation rooms, classes and art studios for children.

These features all come standard with the building’s 24-hour white-gloved doormen, valet, porters, housekeeping and concierge. With all these amenities complimenting the building’s 330 fully renovated units; many are surprised to find that most of the units actually also come with their own outdoor space. The specs on this building alone make it is easy to see why this Upper East Side structure is selling like no other building in the city and how it is showing New Yorkers exactly why the Upper East Side is still such a coveted neighborhood.

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