Revolutionizing Property Marketing With Interactive Digital Displays

12:27:18 | 2012-06-27

From Left: Reale Rose and Vernon Jones, Co-Creators LOH Vision
(New York, NY) — This month BrokerPulse is recognizing two visionaries that are pioneering the real estate industry with cutting edge marketing innovations. Vernon Jones and Reale Rose of Live Open House (LOH) – a premier technology company providing software solutions designed to optimally market property listings.

On Thursday, June 28, Live Open House unveiled its highly anticipated new product, LOH Vision – an interactive touch screen technology that features full social integration. By introducing this highly interactive digital signage – dubbed the “Vision” – to the real estate industry, LOH is revolutionizing the way properties are being displayed in the windows of realty storefronts.

Prior to LOH Vision, realtors have utilized print or video signage to promote property listings in the windows of their offices. The caveat to this marketing strategy is that it fails to connect the agents with potential customers that are viewing their properties from the street. Typically, the only way to generate leads through traditional storefront signage is by a call to action to contact the listing agent, which basically leaves the “next step” in the customer’s hands.

A total game changer, LOH Vision and its interactive touch screen technology now enables realtors to connect directly with prospective clients perusing their properties at any given time. In so many words, it can be considered interactive digital “window shopping” – where pedestrians can virtually tour properties and ask questions by simply walking up to a realty storefront display.

Moreover, by providing lead capturing capabilities, targeted marketing data on property searches, and social networking integration, the Vision is creating new opportunities to generate business that have not been available to realtors up until now. Although it may sound intricate, the product is actually designed to streamline the client-agent interaction process and improve the efficiency of lead generation – which is essentially the objective of displaying real estate ads in storefronts.

Basically, a passerby views the property on LOH Vision and immediately engages with a realtor’s listing the moment they touch the screen. From there, they can contact the listing agent directly via LOH Vision to ask questions about the property or schedule a showing. This new dynamic brings a sense of immediacy to the interaction – both for the initial customer contact and agent’s response. More importantly, the interactive technology greatly increases the probability of leads actually being captured from window displays and eventually transpiring into deals – which is clearly the bottom line.

With its highly intuitive software design, LOH Vision also records every click on a property, its building amenities, neighborhood details, etc., and populates analytics based on each search. This data allows realtors to consistently track the productivity of their displays, and even gain specific insights into future marketing strategies.Taking the user experience a step further, the Vision’s integrated technology also offers full social networking capabilities, enabling agents to interact with client prospects walking by their office window from wherever they are in the world.

According to the Union Square Partnership, upwards of 200,000 pedestrians pass through Union Square in New York City on a daily basis. Taking these passersby into consideration as potential clients, the realtors that are installing a technology to capture this foot traffic, or any other level of traffic for that matter, are clearly going to be way ahead of the competition.

“The goal of the product is to organically maximize sales for brokerages by focusing on the hyper-local market,” says Vernon Jones, Co-Creator of LOH Vision.

In addition to the analytics, LOH Vision will increase consumer confidence and and efficiency in the home search process, which we believe leads to trust and long-term relationships, says Reale Rose, Co-Creator of LOH Vision.

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