Understanding the NYC Hipster: Renting and Selling to Generation Y

10:29:40 | 2012-10-01

Understanding the NYC Hipster: Renting and Selling to Generation Y
(New York, NY) — All around New York City and in cities around the country, a new term is being used to describe a particular subset of 20-40 year olds, known for creating their own counter-culture that defies the young ‘yuppies’ of NYC.

This subset of young people is typically defined by a love of ironic trends, indie music and retro fashions and they are known around the world by one name; hipsters. In New York City neighborhoods such as Williamsburg, Brooklyn and the Lower East Side these young urban dwellers are not only establishing a presence within the local establishments of these ares but they are looking to buy and rent homes in these NYC neighborhoods as well. This is exactly why more real estate brokers within the city need to understand the needs of these residents and the marketing strategies necessary to reach this subset of Generation Y.

Managing properties in these three New York City neighborhoods means being able to appeal to the hipster generation. This means emphasizing certain features that appeal to the needs of these young people. Renters and buyers will be interested in the nightlife scene in these areas and will want to be within close proximity to bars and restaurants. Emphasizing walkability and public transit is also key.

However, emphasizing these things is only half the battle; you will need to make sure you are using the right tools to reach these potential renters and buyers. One of the best ways to do this is to jump on the social media trend to start reaching these tech-savvy potential tenants. Share information on your social media site that your audience will want to see. Promoting a property in Williamsburg can be done by making a post about an apartment and emphasize its close distance to a nightlife hot spot, concert venue or park where an upcoming music festival is being held. Always create a dialogue with those who comment on any posts, and try to link your social media information back to your company’s website whenever possible.

Implementing text message marketing strategies is also a great way to market homes in these areas to potential residents. Generation Y is all about being on the go and connecting to the world with mobile devices. With text message marketing you can instantly reach prospect’s right on their mobile device so you can keep up with their fast-paced lifestyle.

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