Online Real Estate Sites; How Much Can They Really Help With Your NYC Property Hunt

16:16:18 | 2012-10-02

Online Real Estate Sites; How Much Can They Really Help With Your NYC Property Hunt
(New York, NY) — In today’s technology driven market, more buyers than ever are turning to online sites in order to find their new homes. Whether looking to rent or buy many house hunters will turn to websites such as, StreetEasy, Zillow, and to conduct their property searches.

However, there are many who are looking for homes in massive real estate markets such as the New York City market, who may find that these websites can actually be counterproductive to helping them find their ideal home.

This is because more and more studies are being done on these online sites, finding that they are actually not as accurate and many assume. Not only can information vary from site to site but there are many of these companies who are simply not listing properties that are currently for sale. The reason this is negatively impacting home hunters in the New York City market is because in order to get a quality property within the city, house hunters must be able to act quickly. Those who turn to these sites to get their information may not only discover inaccuracies that may slow them down in their home hunting process; but find that they are not getting the up to date information they need on the current market.

Even sites that claim to offer MLS listings are often not giving full access to the complete MLS. This is why more and more buyers and renters who are looking to find the right property in today’s competitive New York City realm are actually not turning to new technologies best resorting to the old standby of turning to a local real estate agent. Turning to an agent not only means clients will get access to working one-on-one with a property specialist but that they can get a client login to view all of the listings on the MLS in their area.

In this particular situation of technology influencing today’s real estate market, the new advancements in technology may actually be forcing house hunters away from these new websites and back to more traditional house hunting means. While it may take some time for many to catch on to the potential inaccuracies in real estate sites, those looking to stay up with fast paced markets such as the New York City market will quickly learn that there are few technologies that can surpass the assistance of an experienced broker who truly knows the market.


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