Syndicate Architecture – Curing the Poison Ivy

10:57:21 | 2012-10-04

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(New York, NY) — It has been dubbed IvyGate within real estate circles following the ongoing battle over the plastic ivy hanging on the façade of the former Stateroom at 47 West 8th Street after an uproar by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission (NYLPC) sparked by the Greenwich Village Society for Preservation (GVSP) and the neighborhood’s local Community Board.

Finally appearing to have reached a resolution thanks to NYC-based architectural firm, Syndicate, it looks like this remediation project is finally starting to break ground with recent approval from the NYCLPC to redesign the facade – salvaging the building from the public debacle which ensued over the fake ivy imposed onto a foreboding fortress of faux-stone.

Hired for damage control, architects, Anthony P. Arnold and Bryon T. Russell of Syndicate look forward to beginning the highly anticipated renovation of 47 West 8th Street soon. Based on renderings of the new facade, the redesign is intended to remedy the controversy initiated by the GVSP and Greenwich Village’s local community over the inappropriate plastic ivy draped by the previous tenants.

Having come a long way from the original occupant’s illegal alteration of the historic landmark structure resulting in ongoing violations, the storefront’s redesign plans by Syndicate will now feature a custom wood and masonry façade constructed with traditional details from the early 20th century – truly reflecting the character of Greenwich Village.

Although the interior of 47 West 8th Street is still a mystery, we hear the design is also planned to preserve the historic charm of the neighborhood. Cleaning up the tangled ivy mess, it appears as though Syndicate might bring a breath of fresh air to this rightfully preserved community.

Syndicate is a multi-disciplinary Real Estate Development, Architecture, and General Contracting firm located in Tribeca providing design-build services throughout the New York Metro Area.


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