Rotten Apple Maps: iOS 6 Apple Maps App Has Remodeled NYC

11:39:56 | 2012-10-08

Apple Maps Version of the Famous New Yorker Cover of New York City
(Cupertino, CA) — They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, well with the new iOS 6 Apple Map App the doctor’s office will be far, far way.

With all the hype about the new iPhone 5 it’s well established that Apple Maps are dysfunctional.  The app has left many frustrated and has turned many back to Google maps.

As Apple’s greatest rival this slip has given Google, along with the rest of the world, something to sit back and laugh about.  A map app with misplaced locations, poor graphics, and locations that don’t exist anymore is hardly anything for people to take seriously.  New iOS 6 users have started posting Apple’s map app failure on sites like “The Amazing iOS6 Maps” to hilariously document Apple’s attempt to redefine the basic architecture and geography of the world around us.  Mad Magazine has even gone as far as making a parody of an iconic 1976 New Yorker cover.  Its failure is all anyone talks about.

As far as New York City goes, Apple Maps has that remodeled, too.  Currently, the app has misplaced the Statue of Liberty, brought down the Brooklyn Bridge, and made a video game scene of downtown New York.  It is also hit and miss with street names, clear satellite images, and correct city locations.  The whole system is a mess.

Apple pushes out first improvements to Maps, restores NYC landmarks

What does this mean for real estate?  Well you can bet real estate brokers and agents are hesitant to use Apple Maps for real estate listings.  Unless you want to falsely allure buyers with properties on the Champs-Elysees in New York (which I wouldn’t recommend) then stick with Google Maps. You may find buyers getting lost or driving into a building on their way to a property if you use an Apple Map.

Apple may be a leader in innovation and technology, but there are definitely areas for improvement for this company.  This Apple has still got a few worms.



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