Finding Loyal Clients in the NYC Market

11:27:50 | 2012-10-09

Finding Loyal Clients in the NYC Market
(New York, NY) — In virtually any market today, the key to success lies in finding clients you can rely on to give you business time after time; even in a down economy.

This can be hard for even the most talented business professionals, yet this difficulty is only magnified when you find yourself in a particularly challenging or fast paced market; such as the market environment currently present in the New York City market. Known for being faster, busier and more demanding than most markets today, many find that keeping up with this market and finding a band of loyal customers can be a challenge. This is just the problem that many brokers face in todays NYC market. Whether you are looking to retain existing customers or maintaining loyal renters in a property; many of the most successful real estate brokers in today’s market are operating off a few basic principles.

If you ask any broker, in either luxury or low end markets about client loyalty, they will tell you that it all lies in the basics of customer service. Keeping in touch is always at the base of keeping loyal clients in the real estate realm; especially in the rental market. Many clients will forget about your rental business if you don’t stay in touch and if you abandon them from the moment the lease is signed or the moment you sell the home. Especially in a market that moves as fast as the New York market, clients can be looking for another property as soon as they sign the lease for one. This means it is never too soon to stay in touch with that client in case they could be bringing you more business.

Treating each client as an individual is always essential when it comes to establishing loyalty among clients in the NYC market. This extra attention to detail and to individual needs is something you will find in the top brokers around the city. The most successful real estate brokers not only show clients a lot of properties but they show clients a lot of the right properties. Top brokers, no matter how much or how little they will make off of a deal, will know just what each individual client likes or doesn’t like. They will know that one client doesn’t like white cabinets and that the other prefers hardwood floors, and they will be able to keep this information straight.

While many may think that getting customer loyalty in the NYC real estate market is all about being the best, the most innovative and using the latest technology; if you talk to the top brokers in the city you will find that client loyalty is all about the details and all about sticking to the basics of good customer service.


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