How To Spice Up Your Website’s Real Estate Blog

09:55:04 | 2012-10-16

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(New York, NY) — If your real estate website that is centered around the New York City market has an attached real estate blog, then you will want to do what you can to add valuable content to this area of your site, as it is essential when it comes to search engine optimization.

While many will focus the efforts of their blog on SEO content and getting the attention of search engines, it is also important that as a real estate professional you fill your blog with valuable content that will have readers finding your site and coming back on their own.

Add A Weekly Feature
147 Waverly Place Greenwich Village, Credit: Stribling

A great way to get blog readers to visit your blog and therefore visit your company website is to give them a routine blog posting that they can rely on for information and one they will want to come back to in order to read. For example, if you are targeting an area such as New York City where outdoor space is limited, you may deem Fridays as the weekly ‘outdoor space’ day. Every Friday you will want to add a blog entry that focuses on one, or a few properties around the city that have truly spectacular outdoor spaces. This is something that real estate blog readers want to see and something that will keep them coming back to your site time and time again. You will want to pick something that will get the attention of blog readers and that is relevant to your market such as ‘outdoor spaces in New York City’ as that is something a lot of apartment hunters in that area will be looking for.

Focus on Price

Instead of just writing post after post about different properties around your market, pay some special attention to price. Particularly in notoriously expensive markets such as New York City, price is a big area of concern. Try things such as side by side comparisons of different homes in different neighborhoods that have all of the same features, and compare the prices of these two properties. Title your entry something like “Which Would You Rather Have for $500,000” to really get your readers attention. You can use price to transition into other important issues in your market such as price differentials among area neighborhoods and really captivate your readers’ attention.

Feature Photos

Although a great deal of your blog entries should be about valuable content that showcases your market and showcases your expertise as a real estate professional, photos are also very important as well. You will want to make sure you include plenty of photos that really showcase key properties around your market as a way to get the attention of your readers. In terms of real estate, photo entries are usually more viewed than those without accompanying pictures.


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