Starting an NYC Apartment Watch

13:10:02 | 2012-10-18

Battery Park City from 400 Chamber, Starting a NYC Apartment Watch.
(New York, NY) — For the many people who find themselves at the center of the New York City real estate realm, whether as a broker, renter, landlord or building manager, one of the most important things you will need to do is to ensure the safety of your home and of your building.

Particularly in markets such as New York City, the need for a safe and well protected environment is essential. This is not only true for those who are currently living in New York City apartment buildings, but for the brokers who are trying to sell or rent units in a specific apartment complex.

As an agent, when you are trying to sell a New York City apartment, one of the many things that potential buyers or renters will ask is about the safety features within the building. Safety is a major concern within NYC and unless the broker is supervising the property 24/7 and monitoring the grounds for suspicious activity, it can be difficult to ensure the safety features within the building. This is precisely why more people than ever within the NYC market are establishing apartment watch systems.

A properly executed apartment watch system can be a great way to reduce crime, to help current residents be safer within their homes and help prospective buyers and renters feel as though they will be safer within this new residence. Not only can the right apartment watch reduce crime rates but it can result in less property damage to the entire building and to the individual units; making this a great option for those who are managing properties and looking to make sure they stay properly cared for.

When the residents within a building are on the look out for trouble or suspicious activity the amount of damage will likely decrease, meaning lower tenant turnover and a higher chance of getting new tenants in. Since safety is such as major concern within New York City, many residents are simply not satisfied with the standard safety features of security cameras or locked entry doors; they want something more. Establishing and promoting a NYC apartment watch system is a great way to increase that feeling of safety for existing and potential residents and for everyone connected to that building or community.


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