How To Boost Resident Morale In Your Apartment Building

19:08:05 | 2012-10-23

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(New York, NY) — Managing a property often comes with a number of challenges, especially in a market such as New York City where apartment communities tend to be larger and filed wit more residents.

Managing these communities is about more than just making sure tenants have a place to live; it is about creating a home for your tenants.

There are a number of benefits associated with focusing on creating a sense of community within residential properties. A strong community of residents will help with tenant retention and a group of more satisfied residents. When tenants are more satisfied with their community and will have more of a sense of responsibility regarding their community and eventually decrease crime rates. This is particularly important when it comes cities such as New York City where crime rates tend to be higher, as it is a way to make sure your tenants are more comfortable within their homes. Also strong tenant communities can be a major appeal when it comes to promoting a property in today’s market and finding future tenants.

There are a few solutions you can implement in order to start building this type of community; starting simply by asking for volunteers to help spearhead this effort. By getting the word out within your community and asking for a group of volunteers to gather and form a council for your community is an ideal opportunity to start establishing order within your building and to start getting an idea of what tenants want or are looking for.

You can also give tenants positions, if they want them, on your board to that you can start issuing things such as a community newsletter or e-newsletter or building-wide forums and meetings that can be used to get ideas from residents on ways to improve the community as a whole. When tenants feel as though their voices are heard within the property and that they can voice concerns or suggest improvements they will feel a great sense of belonging within the community and feel more satisfied. Finally, planning social gatherings that help foster the relationships between tenants is always a great way to build a sense of community.

This can lead to more respect among tenants, lower crime rates, and less issues with building damage. There is a vast assortment of individuals, each with their own unique personalities, needs and expectations, living in cities such as New York. While you may be unable to meet everyone’s individual needs helping your community to come together as a more tight knit group can only benefit you and your property in the long run.


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