Social Media in Real Estate – Only the Strong and Strategic Survive

 13:19:06 | 2012-10-25

Real Estate Broker Tweeting, This Photo Was Taken Using A Canon EOS 5d Mark II
(New York, NY) — In today’s highly competitive, continuously evolving real estate market, the importance of building and maintaining long-term relationships through networking – more specifically social  networking – is more important than ever.

It is widely known that 97% of people looking for a home begin their search online, and many of these connections are being made through popular social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

More and more, we are seeing real estate’s movers and shakers connecting and engaging with customers on their Facebook walls and through their Tweets. From this interaction, they are multiplying their market reach and bringing on new business with just the click of a mouse.

On the client side, consumers are just as quickly deciding who to do business with based on this experience. That being said, it is becoming increasingly important for realtors to properly strategize and execute their social media engagement, as it could potentially make or break their success in capturing this growing marketshare.

There is a reason why the majority of the money being made in NYC real estate sits at the top – small percent – of the industry, and social media is rapidly becoming a BIG part of it. As they say, “You’ve gotta be in it to win it.” Well, in this case, you also have to know HOW to be in it.

The real estate companies and professionals that are thriving in today’s market are the ones that are proactively taking strategic steps to connect and engage with customers to grow their business through social media – the right way.

Over the next few weeks, BrokerPulse will be bringing you the hottest insider tips on leveraging social media and technology to catapult your real estate business to the next level.

Stay tuned for stories from BrokerPulse’s SILICON ALLEY…


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