New Nike+ City Runs Projects Running Routes Around NYC Neighborhoods

 22:00:01 | 2012-11-01

(New York, NY) — Running is a prominent activity throughout the city, and now with just a click of a button popular routes through NYC neighborhoods can be downloaded to on your phone.

Nike+ City Runs is a new software system that makes Nike+ running data readily available on your screen and helps to project which areas in NYC are jogger-friendly.

Each city has a map that users can use to follow moving dots representing runners en route.  Athletes have a variety of maps to choose from to highlight different aspects of different routes.

In “Location,” runners can use the power of crowd sourcing data to see physical features of routes without having to use a geographic map.  In “Popularity of Routes” routes are colored based on their frequency to reveal which are the routes most taken.  Unsurprisingly, trails around the outside of Manhattan and Central park stand out as the most popular areas for physical exercise.

With the movie “Time of Day,” routes are run as they would have happened in one day.  In “Distance,” routes are colored according to their length to give runners insight into how the length of a run correlates to the place where runners actually come from.  “Pace” highlights routes according to their pace and reveals physical obstacles or geographical height differences. “Interruptions” map shows routes that include traffic signals or social encounters that could slow runners down.  Each map gives some kind of useful insight into attributes of different routes.

A visualization of Nike+ running data proves that NYC has a great deal of hardcore runners.  Athletes have run laps around Central Park, taken jogs from borough to borough, and some have even ran the entire length of the West Side Highway.  Thousands of runs have been recorded and thick white lines outline the paths often traveled.

This software system displays a year’s worth of running data from over thousands of different joggers and acts as the ultimate running system for athletes.

Curious to see where everyone’s running to in your neighborhood? Nike+ City Runs will help you find out.


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