Satellite Images Reveal Effects of Hurricane Sandy on Power Usage Along Eastern Coast

14:30:14 | 2012-11-02

Image Source: [Nasa] The Earth Observatory

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(New York, NY) — Driving through the East Coast after the effects of Hurricane Sandy will show anyone the devastating effects that this massive storm has had on the entire region and how areas such as New Jersey, New York and Eastern Pennsylvania are almost entirely without power.

However, those who visit the areas in person aren’t the only ones able to see the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy and the impact it has had on this entire area. The NASA Earth Observatory recently launched satellite images that show power usage in the area both before the storm hit, and after Hurricane Sandy smashed into the area. The difference in the images were startling and provided a clear picture of the devastation that the storm has had in terms of power outages alone.

More images were then released from the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite on the Suomi NPP satellite. These images too painted a hardening picture of just how much power has been lost. Areas such as New York City that once beamed with electrical lights from the satellite images were dark and ominous, showing those that have yet to grasp the severity of the effects of this storm, just how serious Hurricane Sandy has been and just how much this storm has impacted the lives of those living on the East Coast.



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