Capturing The Beauty of NYC Real Estate with Amazing Videos

A day in the life of New York City, in miniature. By:  Sam O’Hare

(New York, NY) — One of the most recent videography trends that has not only been used in the film world but has been taking the internet by storm is a technique known as the timelapse.

With this film technique hours of film over a single location are recorded and the time is then sped up to reveal how that singular shot changes over hours of coverage. A simple search on YouTube will reveal thousands of this 3-5 minute long videos that show timelapses of some of the most beautiful sights in the world. However, upon taking a closer look you will easily note that many of these time lapses are being done on New York City.

A New York City TimeLapse. By: Steven M. Bumgardner

The people of New York City and the stunning city scape of this metropolitan area was exactly what inspired one of the first New York City timelapses of this type that was ever done; a piece by Steve Bumgardener done in 2009 that focused on the people and the skyline of New York City. This piece was one of the first to use New York City as the subject of one of these short films and to only showcase timelapsed material as the footage. However there are still many that have followed; each taking a unique approach to using timelapse and HD video to showcase New York City.

New York HD “Afterglow” Winter. By: Blue Eden

The video New York “After Glow” features a timelapse of the city in winter and during the night, putting an ominous feel to the city that never sleeps. In opposition to this dramatic interpretation of New York City is the creative approach to the New York City timelapse video trend taken by Sam O’Hare. This video titled “ The Sandpit” portrays a day in the life of New York City and is actually portrayed using a special lens and still photos that were used to capture the look of miniature figurines in the video. This film not only took a unique approach stylistically but focused more on the natural wonders of New York City.

Manhattan in motion. By: Mindrelic

While O’Hare focused on the outdoor elements of the city, a NYC timelapse done by Alexandre Favre, focuses on the architecture featuring timelapsed shots of both the interiors and exteriors of some of the most famous properties in all of New York City including Grand Central Station, The Federal Reserve and the Guggenheim. There is also the Mindrelic video “Manhattan in Motion” which takes the views of different Manhattan based hotels and depicts the cityscape of this famed NYC neighborhood over time. These videos and the hundreds of others like them have shown that the timelapse videos aren’t only indicative of the recent online video trend but of just how much there is to capture in NYC and just how much filmmakers enjoy using this city as their subject.


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