43 Minutes to Heaven: How Free Helicopter Rides Will Change The Real Estate Landscape

Well, this is new. The high-end real estate firm The Corcoran Group will be offering free helicopter flights to the Hamptons for those who are on the lookout for summer rentals.

Photo via The Corcoran Group Instagram Page

Blade, the short-distance aviation company, will be providing its services. The flights are roundtrip and start in Manhattan to get to the East End. The venture will occur on April 9.

This must be the classiest way to scope out rentals. And it only gets better: real estate moguls will be providing personal tours of rental properties before they take clients back to the helipad.

Who would offer this ingenuous idea? Last time we summered in the West Hamptons, we were nine fresh-faced recent college grads who crammed into a two-bedroom, 1 bath home, and most of us had to sleep on the floor because there was no space. We were wild and young, and didn’t mind the inconveniences of close quarters because we were splitting the rent ten ways so that we could be in the epicenter of it all.

By now you’re probably getting the gist of it. No one’s boarding a helicopter unless he or she wants to rent properties that start at $150,000 for the season.

You could use virtual reality to see properties right in your living room. But then you can’t get on Blade—an app-based company that allows anyone to book a seat on a helicopter for a quick flight.  The thrill of it all, the way it’s the fastest method to get to the Hamptons, the way the service is complimentary. There are even Blade takeoff locations that have lounges where customers can  have a cocktail or a quick bite while waiting to depart. How upscale!

The Corcoran Group dreamt this up by connecting  their vast resource of high-end rental properties with a ton of their upscale clients who have plans to vacation in one of the world’s most exclusive and wealthiest locations.  The partnership with Blade is the easiest—and most glamorous—way for clients who are busy but who are interested in seeing properties.  The exposure Blade will have will make people aware of its services. The exposure Corcoran will have is the impression that this agency takes cares of its clients and the fact that it takes it services to the next level.

The flight takes only 43 minutes to get to the Hamptons. If this service wasn’t free, it would cost around $695 roundtrip.

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