Oh! The Wonders I’ll See If I Live For One Hundred Years

Underwater Eco-Villages. Credit: CNN

According to Samsung’s Smart Things Future Living Report, the future is going to be unlike anything you can imagine. In100 years—if we’re lucky to be living by then!—we won’t recognize ourselves, how we work, and how we live. If you thought Hologram pets are in the works, think again. By the time we pass, that Hologram will be someone’s boss, which will change our office work conditions. The report, commissioned by Samsung, was authored by space scientist Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock, University of Westminster architects and lecturers Arthur Mamou-Mani and Toby Burgess, and urban planner and designer Linda Aitken and Els Leclercq. The writers based their predictions on current technology, as well as projections about the world’s population growth—how well we adapt to changes in the environment—and our energy needs.

In 100 years, we will be using 3-D printed furniture and food, homes equipped with medical equipment, and the use of holograms to work remotely. For leisure, we may travel using a commercial flight to space. There’s more, so here’s what might happen in 100 years.


Rendering of an underwater city in 2116. (Photo credit: Samsung)

BY 2116 Samsung predicts that people living on earth may be nudged out of their homes due to an ever-expanding population. These people will live in underwater cities, and their life should be the same as in the past, such as someone living in a bubble-like dwelling picking out 3-D printed fabric shades at Pottery Barn. There will also be floating cities, which will deal with inclement weather; if there’s a hurricane or earthquake predicted, the floating city will move into another path of earth or wherever there are no harsh climates. In addition, some will live in earth-scrapers—a term pegged by the Samsung report—that are dug deep into the ground rather than rising up into the clouds. This is the skyscraper in reverse.


People applaud the hologram of politician Jean-Luc Melenchon (R), of the French far-left Parti de Gauche, and candidate for the 2017 French presidential election, that speaks to supporters who are gathered in Saint-Denis, near Paris, France, February 5, 2017 as Melenchon holds a campaign rally in Lyon. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

You now can work remotely much more than you can now thanks to the use of holograms. Business these days will be transformed into working less in the future, with the use of holograms that renders physical attendance for meetings unnecessary. This will save time and money commuting to work.


3D Printed House/Structure Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee. Credit: all3dp.com

The Samsung report relies heavily on 3D printing technologies, including how we eat and what we will sit on or sleep on. As the report says,

“We will be downloading dishes from famous chefs that we will tailor to our personal needs. We will be able to 3D-print a banquet or a favorite cake in minutes.”

So actual cooking is soooo over, right? Confused? We are. The report claims that more of our furniture will be produced by 3D printing, including origami furniture that will easily fold away.


Drones that are big and strong enough to carry “mobile” homes around the world. (Photo credit: Samsung)

Advancement in 3D printing technology could create drones, once a throwaway toy that’s now so sophisticated that the government uses it. The drone of the future will be strong enough to move houses to any part of the world. So, if you’re wealthy and need a vacation, you might be able to land in Martha’s Vineyard and be right at home.


(Medical pod from movie Elysium) Via RealView Imaging and MedGadget.

The digitization of health care will allow you to make a health check at home. This will happen because you’ll have an efficient home due to advances of technology that will allow you to be equipped with step-in medical screening pods. Enter the pod and you’ll be fully scanned for a digital diagnosis.


Like the Samsung Smart fridge or Nest, you’ll be able to rely on high-tech technology that will change your home, and make it more efficient.  You’ll be able to take into account the presence of people, pets, lighting and humidity, as well as diagnose and receive treatment for a health problem.  In addition, LED will allow us to decorate our houses on a whim, and depending on our mood.


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