Becoming a Real Estate Broker in NYC

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(New York, NY) — As you seek the murky waters of today’s job market, one route you may want to look down is the path of becoming a real estate agent.

To actually become a real estate agent, there are a handful of steps you must take before selling homes in New York.

The first step any future real estate agent must take is acquiring a license.  To begin, find a real estate school that offers the state required 40-hour course in real estate sales.  Once that is complete, arrange to take the Department of State exam.  With an 80 or above on the exam, you are on to the next step.  Be wary of the fact that you cannot work as a real estate agent without a valid and up-to-date license in the state you choose to practice in.

Your next step is finding a sponsor.  A broker who sponsors you acts as a sponsor to a new agent and takes responsibility for their actions in all real estate transactions.  You then have to decide if you want to work in rental or sales.  While sales offers bigger payouts, rentals typically have faster turnarounds, allowing you to make money within weeks of starting your job, as opposed to the potentially lengthy waits one may wait before earning money in sales.

While becoming an agent is not necessarily one of the most difficult tasks, to actually be successful is a completely different ballgame.  An exorbitantly large percentage of real estate agents work solely off commission and as a result of that requires lots of hard work and energy in order to begin making money.  Finding a good sponsor who can also act as a mentor helps in this regard, as they can help teach you, the intricacies of the real estate market that can help you become even more successful faster.

To become a real estate broker, one must have at least two years of full time experience as an active licensed real estate salesperson, or at least three years of full time experience in the general real estate field.  Broker license applicants need to then successfully complete 120 hours of specific approved real estate course before taking the necessary exams.  If you can complete all of that, then you are officially on your way to becoming a real estate broker in New York State, so throw on your best suit and hit the pavement hard as you attempt to make a name for yourself in the crowded landscape of New York City realtors.

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