The Real Estate Industry And Other Businesses Find Success In Hiring Interns

Manhattan, New York City interns walking in streets near by Wall street.

(New York, NY) — If you are young, in college or just out of it, and also precocious, you are probably interning this summer in New York’s leading industries, which includes the highly competitive world of real estate.

These internships were created by Ladders for Leaders, which is a summer program that connects paid, six-week internships with companies around the city with the best students from high school and the brightest students from college or just out of college. The program, run by the Center for Youth Employment (CYE), was formed back in 2015 by Mayor Bill de Blasio to give young adults a taste of the competitive business world in order to prepare them for a successful career in the future.

The New York City real estate community has had an overwhelming success with the program, placing around 600 young adults in paid summer internships so far this year.


According to Real Estate Weekly, the Real Estate Board of NY, Rudin Management and Tishman Speyer, among other notable businesses, are supporting the program and have also had success with the match up. Ladders for Leaders has grown from 89 employers to a whopping 600, and from 475 interns in 2014 to over 1,600 projected for this summer.


Businesses who’ve connected with the program wholeheartedly agree that exposure to the on-the-job business world increases the likelihood that the interning young adults will find success and open doors in the future. The program allows these youths to gain hands-on, career-building experience that’s a worthwhile and a beneficial experience for both the intern and the employer.


These bright school and college students, however, must be qualified for the internship. According to Real Estate Realty, here are the requirements. The students need to have a 3.0 grade point average, undergo a rigorous review process and receive 30 hours of training prior to their internship. Once they’ve been placed, they are guaranteed a minimum of 25 hours of work per week. Ladders for Leaders figures are proof that the program works. Thirty-four percent of interns last summer received job offers, giving hundreds of students a successful start in the business world.


David Sable, Global CEO of marketing communications company, Y&R, and a participant in the program, echoes the sentiment that the internships not only work, but are also highly beneficial. He said,

“Internship programs, done properly, are a tremendous way to learn by doing. In my youth, I was awed by the generosity of my mentors, who not only trusted me with responsibilities far above my experience, but also asked for and listened to my opinions too. And now it’s our turn. For more than 10 years, we have eagerly accepted interns from Ladders for Leaders. They are always bright, curious and hard-working, and I can say with conviction that we get as much out of the program as our interns do.”

Now that’s success.

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