Augmented Reality App Takes the Crown at REBNY Tech and Innovation Expo

Prescriptive Data’s Augmented Estate is named REBNYTech Hackathon Gauntlet Champion. Credit: REBNY

(New York, NY –) The Real Estate Board of New York is constantly looking for new and innovative startups to influence the industry. This past February they hosted a Tech and Innovation expo and the turn out was in the dozens!

Startups, industry leaders, and investors flooded the 14th floor of 655 Madison Avenue, with ideas ranging from Virtual 3-D apartment tours to tackling the cost of living by challenging standard mortgage and rent payments.

“The most powerful aspect of the expo was the energy that filled the room,” REBNYTech Committee co-chair John Gilbert commented.

After companies were split into rooms to pitch their demos to the crowd, the hackathon was narrowed down to a final seven.

The final seven then pitched their idea to a panel of judges. These startups included:

  1. Avvir- a technology that scans a construction site to instantly compare and contrast to design drawing
  2. Cherre- a startup that offers residential real estate data through public and private records
  3. Enertiv- an app that digitizes all buildings submeters
  4. Get3DTours- an app with all virtual tour offerings in one network
  5. Magic Security- a cybersecurity platform that aims to detect suspicious activity quicker than antivirus software
  6. Prescriptive Data’s re•scue- an app that allows users to add photos, exact location, and identification when making 911 calls
  7. Prescriptive Data’s Augmented Estate a “heads-up” display to visualize real-time data from building control systems and building sensor data overlaid on real built environments

The winner, Prescriptive Data’s Augmented Estate, took home the $15,000 prize along with the title of Hackathon Champion.

The winning startup targets the problem of disconnected information in the real estate industry by creating a digital layer that combines information into an easy to use display that can be accessed through augmented reality technology.

The team—comprised of Evan Torkos, Ricardo Cid, Adam Reid, Katie Peters, and Chris DeMoll, plan to take the winnings and use it to incorporate Augmented Estate into different ecosystems.

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