Taylor Swift’s N.Y.C Real Estate Empire Keeps Growing

Swift reportedly owns two top-floor units at 155 Franklin Street in addition to her new $9.75 million unit. She also owns an $18 million townhouse just next door. Photo Credit: StreetEasy.com

(New York, NY) — There is a new poster girl for Tribeca real estate. That’s right, Taylor Swift is now the proud owner of not one, but three multi-million dollar estates in an affluent Tribeca Neighborhood.

Her most recent purchase, according to E!News, was a $10 million, 3,540-square-foot second floor apartment on 155 Franklin St. Leaving her with a whopping total of 50 million dollars worth of Real estate investments on just one block. Talk about easy living with a N.Y.C backdrop!

Jaws dropped back in 2014 when the pop sensation spent $20 million on two upper-level units in the downtown N.Y.C apartment. Glimpses of her 9-bedroom, 9-bathroom humble abode have been captured in pictures throughout the years, and have been displayed on her social media pages as the ultimate hangout place for her and her squad.

Then, in September of 2017, the 28 year old shocked her fans yet again by purchasing another 18 million dollar townhouse right next-door! With properties in Nashville, Beverly Hills, and Rhode Island many may speculate the logistics of these N.Y.C purchases. However, InStlye magazine theorizes that the pop sensation plans to connect her apartment to her townhouse next-door. Leaving fans wondering the New York apartment will be a hot spot for Taylor during her upcoming Reputation Tour.

Regardless, with neighbors like Orlando Bloom and Aziz Ansari, New York can expect to see a lot of Taylor Swift in the upcoming future.


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