Luis Ortiz A Multi-Millionaire Salesman

(New  York, NY) — At just 30-years old, real estate tycoon Luis D. Ortiz is enjoying the beauties of life by traveling the world.

A success story for the ages—Luis ran away from his home in Puerto Rico at just 16, finding himself in Florida and then New York where his career as a real estate agent kicked off.

His clients have included some big shot names, such as Leonardo DiCaprio and TV producer Marc Anthony. However, it was his star role as the host of the television show Million Dollar Listing New York that made him a popular household name in America and around the world.

Though the millionaire made his fortune by selling expensive homes to investors, he prefers to be a lifelong renter. Why? Luis enjoys the freedom that comes with renting, such as moving on short-notice.

However, Luis supports those who seek to own homes with a lifestyle that encourages buyers/renters to make decisions equipped to their lifestyle. He stated that it was observing his clients that made him decide to rent instead of buy, and told he believes that “sometimes owning things means that things end up owning you”.


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His motto of chasing dreams has landed him in Paris after leaving Million Dollar Listing New York, where he lives a quiet life full of travels. However, television hasn’t seen all of Luis yet. Within the next few months, he plans on making his way back to Los Angeles to produce and star in his own reality show.

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