Did the Century 21 Rebranding Campaign Start a Trend in the Real Estate Industry?

Century 21 | Don’t Settle Advertising Campaign

(New York, NY) — According to the Home Buyers and Seller Generational Trends Report 2017 by the National Association of Realtors research department, 70% of homeowners settle for the first real estate agent they find.

A jaw dropping statistic that Century 21 Real Estate could not stand for. Which is why the company has launched a rebranding campaign targeting an end to mediocracy in the real estate industry. This campaign is launching with a new visual identity, TV, digital, social and print components, and an integrated cross-channel media partnership with ESPN.

Century 21 introduced the campaign with a 60-second TV spot, “Don’t Settle for Average (Unless You’re In The Market For It).” The humorous spot emphasizes the disconnect between the investment people make in buying or selling a home and the sense of value they get from picking the right real estate agent who fits their needs.

Along with the new brand, Century 21 has modified the company logo. While making sure to keep their “Gold Standard” image of gold and black, the new logo embraces a refreshed color palette with new graphics.

Is the modernization of Century 21 the beginning of a rebranding trend for companies in the real estate industry?

Brokerpulse noticed the New York Powerhouse, The Corcoran Group, has recently rebranded their company by redesigning the website and modernizing the logo.

Much like compass.com, a website designed to cater to real estate from coast to coast, corcoran.com focuses on estates in NYC, the Hamptons, and South Florida with a website that caters to feature-specific searches.

Screen Shot of Corcoran New Website and Advertising Campaign (Be Home).

According to 27east.com, Corcoran’s new brand and advertisement campaign “Be Home”, much like Century 21, has been modernized to make the search process easier and personalized for prospective buyers and sellers.

Brokerpulse also noted that Corcoran’s website has updated the headshots of their agents by fading away from the standard black and white background. The photos are now in color, and fit the new image of the website.

The rebranding campaigns of successful real estate companies are becoming a trend in the industry, and are leaving us eager to see which company is next!

A redesign microsite is available here.


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