NYC Luxury Apartment Complex Rents Out All Units

(New York, NY) — Sky, a luxury apartment complex located in NYC, rented out all 1,175 units in record time.

The largest residential rental building in the country, Sky has transformed living in Midtown.

What makes Sky stand out amongst the rest?

Natasha Vardi, senior vice president of The Moinian Group, explained that Sky was developed with new residential concepts in mind.

While many buildings in the city are conversion projects, Sky was built from the ground-up. The advantage of building from the ground-up allows every square foot to be strategically designed.

The building was constructed to have an intimate feel, allowing tenants to live in a place they’ll never want to leave.

“We want the tenants to be able to have a haven from the outside world,” Vardi commented. “Once they walk into the doors, I want them to be able to forget everything else. We want there to be a community within the building. That’s the thinking behind the daily breakfast and other amenities in the building.”

How did the Sky units rent out so fast?

Vardi teamed up with Jordan Sachs, CEO and co-founder of Bold New York, and the two became a dynamic duo. What made this team so special? Simple, it worked.

Bold New York offers a unique and easy approach to the real estate world. The company provides prospective buyers/sellers with a refreshed hands-on approach to the renting/buying/selling process.

“Real estate is often thought of as a vendor relationship, but we did a very good job early on of removing that barrier and folding ourselves into one — one team but separate organizations,” Sachs commented. “That gave us a competitive advantage. We had common goals and a different level of transparency than is normal in that relationship.”

Vardi agreed, the partnership with Bold was the right move. With 100 percent occupancy in a luxury rental building, both companies have much to be proud of.

Where can we expect the duo next?

Sachs commented, “As a builder, you can build better and get greater prices and absorption. If you build it, they will come.”

A power team can be hard to find, which is why Sky won’t be the last project for this duo. The team plans to take on Oskar, another Midtown West residential project. This 118 unit boutique building, in accordance to the success of Sky, will be strategized similarly.

Looking for some tips from the duo?

Vardi’s advice? Be real!

She states, “You have to be real and authentic. You can’t just want to put that project on your roster — you have to want to do the work.”

Sachs advice? Seize the opportunity!

Although Sachs has admitted that the choice of Bold to lease Sky was unexpected, it proved to be a worthwhile project.

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