GoFundme For Properties? Crowdfunding Shakes Up the Investing World

StraightUp, a crowdfunding app for property investors, utilizes the New York City real estate goldmine

Screen-Shot StraightUp Website.

(New York, NY) — Imagine: you’re an Uber driver working late hours, in conjunction with working some odd jobs here and there, with dreams of someday owning a piece of property you could lease out for a source of serious income –enough so that you could possibly own multiple properties down the line and never again see the end of a broomstick, or hear the ping of a new passenger request.

The name of that dream is property investing. But you’re new to the investing scene, hence the drunkards in your backseat asking you to take them to the nearest pub offering dollar beers. There are risks that come with being a new investor, such as minimal knowledge of the industry or unpredictability of certain projects’ financial success.

But imagine if there was a platform on which you could see an in-depth analysis of a developing property you were interested in, so that you would know exactly what you were getting into?

Enter StraightUp, an app that allows developers to crowdsource funding for their projects from anyone willing to pitch in money –investors like you, who would be able to inspect the progress of that property up until its ribbon-cutting.

Omer Amsel, Co-Founder at StraightUp. Credit: LinkedIn

Incubated by HAP Ventures, a real estate development company offering properties around the world, StraightUp invests in a property alongside individual investors, assuring the company’s own skin in the game, and maintains an equity stake up until the project’s completion.

In a real estate goldmine like New York City, it’s easy to see how such a venture could pan out.

“New York has always been a city of opportunity – of new, untapped potential,” said Omer Amsel, co-founder and COO at StraightUp. “We are incredibly proud to play our part in extending that tradition.”

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