The Surface of this Eco-Friendly Luxury Building is Cleaning Our Air

Soho’s 570 Brome has the purifying power of 500 trees!

570 Broome Street. Photo Credit Street Easy. Builtd/SOM

(New York, NY) — Soho’s 570 Broome has a new eco-friendly feature that is leaving the whole country jaw dropped. The building has the purifying power of 500 trees which is equivalent to taking over 600 cars off the road a year!

How is this possible?

The facade is sprayed with a solution called Pureti. This solution works by breaking down contaminates clogging the air through a photocatalytic process that turns polluting particles into oxidizing agents. The process is superbly fast, over a million times per second, making the surface virtually self-cleaning while also cleaning the air. Incredible, right?

The building is crafted with a revolutionary compact surface that specializes in clean design. And, while this may seem like an example of the rise of new technologies, the story of this magical spray began back in 2004. Co-Founder of Pureti, Glen Finkel, partnered with organic chemist John Andrews, who developed textile coatings for NASA, and the idea took off. “we’ve been perfecting it ever since,” said Finkel.

Along with NYC, Pureti will be making appearances on buildings around the world in countries such as Spain, Argentina, and Turkey. While one building isn’t going to change much, if more adopt this eco-friendly solution, it could be a game changer. Finkel commented, “if cities begin to adopt this technology, they could transform their outdoor environments.”

Will we see more of this in Manhattan’s luxury market?

High-end buildings need something more than just luxurious style. Nowadays, 24-hour amenities isn’t enough to draw in wealthy buyers. Luxury buildings are looking for new and exciting features to set them apart from others, and it seems sustainable and green buildings are on the rise. Along with being a neat feature, A CityLab study revealed that breathing in city air is equivalent to being a smoker, making eco-minded developments more crucial than ever.


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