NYC Broker Will Sell The Most Expensive Home In America

Shawn Elliott is determined to sell it.

(Los Angeles, CA) — Once upon a time, Bruce Makowsky’s Bel-Air mansion also known as “Billionaire,” was the most expensive home for sale in America.

The house was taken off the market but has recently been re-listed. Shawn Elliott, an NYC broker, is determined to sell it.

We’re going to describe this VERY large humble abode and let you guess just how much this home was originally listed for back in January 2017.

$30 million worth of collectible automobiles & complete art collection

In this mansion there are some of the most original automobiles in the world which is sure to leave any car enthusiast in awe. The house is also decorated with over 100 pieces of artwork.

View overlooking LA

The mansion, located on a hill, comes with a 270-degree view overlooking LA, right outside the master bedroom.

Full-time staff

For two years the mansion will be equipped with a staff of seven which includes a chef, chauffeur, and masseuse.


Sitting atop the mansion is a luxurious helicopter, and though it isn’t functioning it’s decked out with a beautiful interior, making it the spot to be when watching the sunset.

Home theater

This screening room fits 40 people, has reclinable chairs, and a James Bond 007 art installation on the back wall.

12 bedrooms & 21 bathrooms

The mansion also includes three kitchens, six bars, a massage and spa room, fitness center, and two wine-champagne cellars.

Infinity pool

The 85-foot-long infinity pool includes a swim-up bar and an outdoor theater.

So, any guesses?

Back in January 2017, the Billionaire was listed on the market for a whopping $250 million which made it the most expensive home for sale in America.

However, no one wanted to buy it.

In April 2018, the house was re-listed for $188 million, $62 million less than the original price.

However, the Billionaire is still the second most expensive home on the market, and New York City’s Shawn Elliott has taken on the challenge of selling it.

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