Compass gives “for sale” sign a digital makeover

Compass has a new customizable “for sale” sign and it’s taking the industry by storm.

Compass Chief Creative Officer Matt Spangler revealed how the company continues to rethink every aspect of the agent and client experience through this innovative release. Available for pre-order on July 30, you can sign up for exclusive product news and updates at

(New York, NY) — It’s the era of re-branding in the real estate industry.

“Out with the old, in with the new.” The digital era is forcing companies to rethink their marketing strategy. For Compass, this meant reinventing their real estate sign.

Compass has a new customizable “for sale” sign and it’s taking the industry by storm. The circular metal signs are equipped with a customizable inner light-tube and information board which includes the listing agent’s name, number, email address, and title. While the new look is modern and clean, it’s not all the sign offers.

When prospective buyers with the Compass app are within 20 feet of the sign, they’ll receive a notification on their smartphone that will take them directly to the listing page.

For those without the Compass app, simply scanning the QR code on the sign will open the listing page.

“By simply swiping right and opening your camera with the easiest movement on the phone, you can just put it up to the sign and view that QR code then you’ll get taken directly to that listing through the app,” says Matt Spangler, the chief creative officer at Compass.

Agents will be able to customize the aesthetic of their sign through their agent app. According to Spangler, over time agents will also be able to track all of the interactions they’re having.

Starting in July, the first 500 signs will be available for pre-sale and will start shipping this fall. There will also be support and insurance in case the sign is tampered with by vandals.

Spangler says this is just the beginning for Compass. There are more technological advancements to come in the future.

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