Compass real estate agent, Eric Goldie, finds success by combining his presence on social media with his work in real estate

As the rise of the digital era continues to progress, there are two options, reject it or take advantage of it.

Eric Goldie | New York Real Estate Agent with @Compass

(NEW YORK, NY) – Around 69% of Americans use social media, and while many businesses have thrived on social platforms, they have yet to fully infiltrate the real estate industry.

Firms and agents are spending countless dollars on re-branding campaigns in an attempt to enhance their marketing efforts. But what if the answer was much simpler than that?

Eric Goldie, Instagram influencer and real estate agent at Compass, has found great success in combining his presence on social media with his work in real estate. Broker Pulse spoke with him to see just how he’s doing it.

You’ve grown a following on social media sharing mostly travel and lifestyle photos. How are you managing to fit real estate into the mix?

Selling real estate is just like selling a lifestyle. Whether you like real estate or not, who wouldn’t want to see a photo of a $20 million dollar penthouse? I’m using my platform to combine that luxury lifestyle with luxury real estate.

Have you personally gotten any deals through Instagram?

Yes! I’ve done a few referral deals in other cities and one recently in another country. I’ve had brokers reach out in other states who want to get together when they’re in the city, and I’ve had friends I haven’t spoken to in years who send me messages asking about real estate in New York.

There have been influencers on Instagram who have created their own trending hashtags. If people are looking for real estate on social media what should they search for? Are there any hashtags you currently use/ are going to use that are specific to real estate?

I’m constantly searching and using the general #RealEstate or #NYRealEstate. But you can get even more specific by searching #NewListing, #InContract, #JustClosed.

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Does social media allow you to target a larger audience?

Of course! Every time Instagram rolls out a new feature I immediately think of ways that I can incorporate that into the way that I market my business. It’s allowed me to connect with thousands of people from around the country and even across the world. It’s free marketing, and if used correctly can result in major brand awareness.

Would you say your presence on social media has allowed you to further advance your real estate career?

I think that sellers are definitely intrigued with the idea of marketing on social media. So when I share with them how we can market their property to over 100k people, their ears perk up. I’ve also had clients from other cities reach out asking for referrals – which is a huge part of the business.

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What are the advantages of using Instagram over a listing page?

I think the major benefit is being able to constantly remind my audience what I do on a daily basis. Listing pages only show the listings – but there’s so much more that we do on a daily basis for our clients. With Instagram, I can show the properties I’m previewing for buyers, new development, and also create my own brand identity by showing my day-to-day routine.

Compass has created a digital “for sale” sign. Firms such as Century 21 and Corcoran have launched rebranding campaigns. What type of role do you think social media has/is going to play in the rebranding and advancements of real estate companies in the future?

I think that social media has already played a part in the rebranding of and advancements of real estate companies. Companies are working with influencers to promote and market their properties just as brands work with them to promote products. Brokers are beginning to use their social media to create a lifestyle and brand image that their clients can relate to. This is something I’ve been pushing since day one on Instagram.

How would you recommend other brokers use social media to their advantage?

Social media is such a new part of our industry. I would highly encourage other brokers to post daily on their social media and share with their audience as much as possible. Let your audience see how hard you are working. Show off your new listings, closed transactions, and even properties you’re previewing. Make your audience remember that you work in real estate so that when they are ready to transact, you are the person they call.

Social media gives us the world at our fingertips. Never before have we been so interconnected as businesses and prospective clients. In the words of Eric Goldie, “it’s free marketing.” As the rise of the digital era continues to progress, there are two options, reject it or take advantage of it.

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