President of the New York City Transit Authority, Andy Byford, is determined to save the subways

Byford intends to give the subway system a complete transformation.

The newly appointed president of the NYC Transit Authority Andy Byford wants to make the subway run on time. Photo: Getty Images

(NEW YORK, NY) — Andy Byford, president of the New York City Transit Authority, is on a mission to save the subways.

Did you know New York is home to the largest public-transit system in North America? That’s right, with eight million passengers a day, seventy thousand train delays a month, financial and operational trouble, and mechanical impairments, Byford has his work cut out for him.

Governor Cuomo Demonstrates Maintenance Upgrades at 9th Avenue Subway Station

That’s not all, the system’s on-time rate has dropped 58% since January, talk about unreliable transportation.

Byford, who started out working at the London Underground, set out this past March to visit every New York subway station, all 472 of them.

Let’s just say he was far from pleased with some of the things he saw. “My customers shouldn’t have to look at that,” Byford commented after examining the track bed at the Chamber Street station.

Byford has big plans for the future of New York City’s subway system and has committed himself to deliver an extensive plan within one hundred working days. He intends to give the subway system a complete transformation, one station at a time.

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