Kate Rumson designed her new home with the help of her 1.8 million Instagram followers

Your Instagram followers helped you do what?

The Real Houses of Instagram star, Kate Rumson. Photo @katerumson

(NEW YORK, NY) — Kate Rumson, the founder of The Real Houses of Instagram account, asked her 1.8 million followers to help her design her 1,900-square-foot New Jersey townhouse.

Rumson is an interior designer and gained her massive following by posting interior-design pictures online. When it came time to decorate her recently purchased Matawan, N.J., house, she let the internet help her choose the right furniture.

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She posted around 30 photos of options against the backdrop of her home and had her followers vote in the comments. Each post received feedback from around 5,000 people.

When it came to the polls, there was usually a definite favorite. “There’s no right or wrong answer, but it’s cool to get feedback,” Rumson commented.

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Instagram helped Rumson pick out things such as a light fixture for the kitchen, a sofa for the living room, and an Arhaus desk.

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While some pieces were not up for negotiation, such as the staircase with a stained ebony oak railing, Rumson was thrilled with the feedback she received from her followers and valued their opinions. “When I see wallpaper, I remember the comments that people left,” she said. “Everything has meaning in a space designed by so many people.”


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