Joshua Kushner is an entrepreneur, a brother-in-law to Ivanka Trump, and Karlie Kloss’ new fiancé

What you need to know about Joshua Kushner

(NEW YORK, NY) — Joshua Kushner, the newly engaged tech entrepreneur, flooded the media in late July when the news of his engagement with Karlie Kloss became public.

Who is Joshua Kushner?

Though Kushner lives a low-profile lifestyle, he has been transforming both the tech and real estate industries for years.

At just 33 years old, Joshua Kushner has built an empire. Kushner founded Thrive Capital, a venture capital investment firm, and invested money in successful technology companies such as Instagram, Instacart, and Slack.

Kushner has an approach to the modern market that is both innovative and refreshing. In 2012 he co-founded Oscar Health, an insurance company aimed at millennials. He told reporters, “We’re trying to build something that’s going to turn the industry on its head,” and that’s exactly what the company did.

Mario Schlosser, right, chief executive of Oscar Health, and Joshua Kushner, a founder. The company was started in 2012, just in time to offer plans to people buying insurance under the new federal health care law. Credit (NYT)

Joshua Kushner’s list of successes doesn’t stop there. In 2015 he decided to bring his tech skills to the real estate industry. Alongside his brother, Jared Kushner, the two launched Cadre, a technology company designed to help clients invest in real estate. Cadre’s cutting-edge technology offers unique investment opportunities to investors looking for large commercial real estate properties, single-handedly gearing the industry toward a more technology-driven market.

Cadre Investor Round Table 2018.

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Amongst his many titles of success, Kushner is about to have a new, more romantic one. He will soon be the husband of supermodel and entrepreneur, Karlie Kloss. The couple took to Instagram on July 24th to announce their engagement which appears to have taken place a few weeks prior during a romantic getaway to upstate New York.

Friends, family, and future in-laws are overjoyed with the news. Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner’s wife, expressed her congratulations and even called Kloss her “sister” on Instagram. Though the couple has yet to announce wedding plans, Kloss has already received a warm welcome into the family.

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