How much does it really cost to live in your favorite on-screen homes?

These luxurious homes come with luxurious price tags

(NEW YORK, NY) — Some of television’s most iconic movies and shows portray an unrealistic cost of real estate. With beautiful homes to go along with memorable messages, some of Hollywood’s most famous scenes take place in luxurious settings.

So, how much would living like your favorite characters really cost?

1) Sex and the City

On the show, we are led to believe by the story-line that Carrie lives at 245 E. 73rd Street (no such building exists). In reality, every exterior scene filmed at Carrie’s stoop was in front of at 66 Perry Street in the much more charming West Village.

Carrie Bradshaw lived in a brownstone on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for only $700 a month, a price far from reality. Today, the rental would go for $3,000 a month.

Now, let’s talk about the penthouse Mr. Big buys in the movie. The large windows, massive closet, and stunning views of Central Park are actually worth $190,000 per month or about $50 million.

2) Pretty Woman

This iconic movie captures a love story that overcomes social division. Along with its standout message, the movie portrays some luxurious real estate.

The penthouse suite in the Beverly Wilshire, where Vivian stays with Edward, would cost $38,500 per week.

The Beverly Wilshire even offers a “Pretty Woman” presidential suite for $5,500 per night, where guests can recreate their favorite movie moments.

3) The Notebook

This movie is known for its heart-wrenching love story and beautiful backdrop.

Noah’s White House

The waterfront house Noah renovates in Charleston, South Carolina would cost $12,000 per month to rent!

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