Finding the right dog for your NYC apartment

The best dog breeds for apartment living

(NEW YORK, NY) — Choosing the right furry friend is a tough task in itself, but choosing the right furry friend for your NYC apartment can be even tougher.

Once you’ve gotten over the first hurdle of finding a pet-friendly building, there are a few traits that you should keep in mind. Size, energy level, friendliness, and shedding are all crucial components when finding the right dog for a tiny space.

There are tons of breeds that are perfect city companions. Here are a few of our favorites.

1) Shiba Inu

Upper West Side, Manhattan, NYC (Flickr – Charley Lhasa)

The breed Shiba Inu can easily adapt to apartment life. They are quiet, easy to train, and don’t shed a lot. However, these dogs have a lot of energy. As long as they are taken on frequent walks, they will have no problem in small spaces.

2) Basenji

Theodore Roosevelt Dog Park in Manhattan (Flickr – Andrea Arden)

The Basenji is a great breed for apartments with thin walls and close neighbors. These dogs don’t bark! On top of that, they are rarely heavier than 25 pounds.

3) Bulldog

Skating in the City! (Mark Letheren, Flickr)

Bulldogs are lazy and are known to refuse to go on walks! As long as you don’t mind cleaning up fur from time to time, the Bulldog is for you!

4) Boston Terrier

2-Year old Boston Terrier, Central Park (Credit: DOG & CO)

Boston Terriers are small and friendly. They are calm and don’t need too many walks during the day.

5) Chihuahua

Typical Winter Boots! New York, NY (Flickr – Eric Leo Kogan)

Chihuahuas are great apartment dogs. They are small and require minimum exercise. However, they can be unfriendly to strangers and should be supervised in social situations.

6) French Bulldog

French Bulldog (6 m/o), W 10th St., NYC (Pinterest)

French Bulldogs are small in size and not very active. They are also very friendly and rarely bark!

7) Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin can adapt to any living situation. These dogs are friendly, small, and fun to look at!

8) Corgi

New York Corgi August Meetup Hillside Park, Brooklyn, NY (Flickr)

Corgis are small, easy to train, and don’t bark a lot. They need daily exercise but are calm when indoors.

9) Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terrier, 72nd & Columbus Ave., New York, NY

Norfolk Terriers are small, easy to train, and hardly shed. They typically only bark if something is wrong.

10) Greyhound

Greyhound, Washington Square Park, NY (Pinterest)

Greyhounds are perfect for pet owners who want a big dog. Despite their size, this breed does great in small spaces. They hardly shed, are quiet, and are known to be couch potatoes!

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